I’m so excited!  First chapter of the new PWF novel!

I’m just so in love with the cover for the first book in my new Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel, Crossroads Magic. We’re two weeks away from the release of Crossroads Magic on Stories Rule Press.  As usual, that means today, you can read the entire first chapter right here. Chapter One The only thing I …

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Who do you buy your print copies from?

There are a number of printers who produce Print on Demand copies of books these days.  Amazon is the one most readers have heard of.  But there is also Ingram, and Lulu Press.  And a newcomer to the scene, the British company BookVault, who have print facilities in the US, so I can print and …

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It’s Just a Job – High Elves

I have been running this site for over twenty years, since I first was published. The blog section of the site (that you’re reading now–and possibly, you’re reading it as an email), has had a couple of iterations. I started a blog when I was first published and many of the posts in this series …

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Four days to Save.  Here’s the Deets.

So, finally, I can tell you about the big deal going down on Stories Rule Press.  It is, of course, and as you probably suspected, a Black Friday special.  Here’s the details. All the Super-Bundles on SRP will be 40% off from Black Friday to Cyber Monday The Super-Bundles on Stories Rule Press are unique …

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New Binge-able Fantasy Romance

I just love the covers Dar Albert has designed for the Once and Future Hearts series. I keep studying them and finding more and more cool details. For example, if you blow the cover up really big and just look at the border–the scrollwork and detail just in the border is amazing. Then there’s the …

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Watch This Space

I can’t give any details at the moment, but I did want to warn you to make sure you check all my emails in the near future. There is a big deal (in both senses of the word) coming up soon. It’ll be short-lived and, well, big. More details soon.

Lest We Forget

Because I do a lot of historical research, I’m pretty familiar with the facts and consequences of World Word I, and the longer-term impacts of both World Wars. But you don’t have to be a history buff to be aware that both wars are still the biggest, most destructive conflicts, with the highest casualties the …

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Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Several months ago, on the Reader’s Hangout, there was a discussion about romances featuring older heroines. I ran a poll at the time, asking if readers would like to read romances that featured older women, as none of us is getting any younger. 🙂 Here’s the results of that poll: I took the results seriously, …

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Site Revamp. It’s SO Speeeeedy, now!

A while back I mentioned that I was having site issues, and had to shift all the Stories Rule Press authors’ sites over to a new host. The new host (Hostinger) has provided resources that make all the sites a lot faster, just by migrating over. But one of the issues I was having was …

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