Why The Lake Is Pink

Lake Hillier, Western Australia I came across a post on Bored Panda recently, and within it, they were raving about Lake Hillier - the pink lake.  The pictures are pretty amazing. I was kinda jazzed, because Lake Hillier is in Western Australia, my home turf. In fact, it's just off the coast of Esperance,


Sometimes, internal industry shenanigans spill out to where the public can see it.  This is one of those times. Recently, an author registered and trademarked the word "cocky". Then she contacted every author who had the word "cocky" in their book titles or subtitles or on the cover anywhere and threatened them with legal action

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Cover Reveal – SEASON OF DENIAL, Book 7, the Scandalous Scions historical romance series.

  It's so appropriate I get to talk about this book today.  Today is Victoria Day in Canada. Season of Denial is a Victorian era historical romance.  It is book 7 of the Scandalous Scions series, and this is the first time the cover is being shown to anyone (except my Street Team!). ___________ He’s

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Royal Wedding Sale on Kobo

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, Kobo are running a special sale featuring any book with royalty in it -- kings, queens, princes, princesses and more. They've picked up my Born of No Man novel, the first book in the Once and Future Hearts series. As it's set slightly before the time of King Arthur, there are

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Time to sip a toddy or two!

terricks noah Today is World Whisky Day, which is an excellent excuse to sip drop or two. A Hot Toddy, by the way, is hot whisky with honey in it -- a purely medicinal version of the liquor, I'm assured! Whisky was invented by the Scots, and if it is produced in Scotland, it

$13 off super hot paranormal romance boxed series set.

Kobo are running a Victoria Day Weekend sale between May 17 and May 21, 2018, and offering some very deep discounts. One of those is for my boxed set of the Stonebrood Saga series, Hearts of Stone. ______ The entire Stonebrood Saga in one special volume, including the bonus novelette, Pay the Ferryman! 1.0:  Carson’s Night

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Hot News

Elijah O'Donell I just finished sending this week's newsletter.  Are you a subscriber, yet?  You're missing out, if you're not.  And I'm not saying that just to get your email address, either. I kinda shook my head once I hit send, because the whole newsletter was stuffed with deals.  Really.  Seriously, consider this:

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The Force and the Apple That Created It

  Many readers like reading science fiction because of the mind-warping sense of scale that future-set stories can create.  You can put a SF book down and feel very humble about the world, and also quite hopeful for the future. But here's a real life, contemporary times scale-warping experience:  Consider the original apple tree that

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Love King Arthur? Try this!

I love and adore the King Arthur mythology, and have since I was quite young. So it is a thrill to sink into the stories and recreate the tale my way -- in this case, via twelve romances. Why twelve books? Arthur fought twelve battles, culminating in the Battle of Badon Hill, before Britain was free

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Scratch an Itch

Simon Hattinga Verschure I don't listen to podcasts very often, primarily because I'm so busy concentrating on (usually) writing and producing books, that I just can't spare the time to sit and do nothing with my hands while listening to people talk. If I was doing a lot of repetitive activities that didn't

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