July 40% Off Box Sets Sale!

Kobo are having a 40% off sale on select boxed sets, running until July 30 2018. As you may be able to tell, I have three boxed sets in the sale.  :) Thrilling Affair - romantic thrillers collection Hearts of Stone - vampire gargoyle urban fantasy paranormal romance series Destiny's Trinities - vampire urban fantasy

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An Innocent Burn With A Bloody History

This post appeared on a blog now long gone, when I was first touring for the release of Bannockburn Binding.  As time travel romances are creeping back into my production schedule, I thought I'd add it here.  -- t. The Battle of Falkirk, reinterpreted for a modern audience. Ignore the kilts--they weren't wearing them then!

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Names Again

It seems I have shot myself in the foot again. It only seems that way, because I’ve been bitten by time. You’d think, given my time-travel novels, I’d know better. However. In April 2016 I released a post, “By Any Other Name…? No, I Don’t Think So”, where I confessed my shock and surprise at

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So, did you hear David Bowie in your mind when you read the subject line?  <wicked grin> I've just emerged from one of the toughest weeks I've had this year, work-wise.  I let go of my old off-site shopping service, and added self-hosted shopping cart software that is far more flexible and user friendly. It

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Would You Wait Six Years For A Kiss?

This post, just like "Why Time Travel Romances Wouldn’t Work Outside Romance Novels", first appeared on a blog now long gone, as part of the book launch tour for the vampire time travel romance novel, Bannockburn Binding.  -t. I have a love/hate relationship with television series.  I don’t watch live television because the advertisements and constant

Virtual Time Travel

  It's a murky picture, because the men in the photo are actually throwing their spears at the picture-taker...and they're not actors. This is North Sentinal Island, a remote island in the Bay of Bengal off India.  The residents of the island live a completely isolated hunter-gatherer lifestyle and have done so for what an