I Survived!

  I didn't melt, either. It took me 24 hours to recover--huge munchies and biiiiig sleep, afterwards! Yes, I survived my first Facebook Live session!  Click here to see the replay. I will be running the sessions every Monday from now on.  If you'd like to download and save an appointment for them to your

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I’m Live on Facebook This Monday.

Did you know more than fifty percent of the adult population fears public speaking more than dying? People would rather die than stand up and speak aloud to a group. Yeah, that's not me. Know what makes ME want to break out in hives? Point a camera at me. Yeah, I can do anything in public

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A High-Stress Marathon, Even For Me.

I honestly didn't think I'd manage to pull this off. A few weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that November 11 this year is the one hundredth anniversary of Armistice Day -- known as Remembrance Day by many western countries. As a history nut, I was appalled I had nearly missed this significant

i have seen the writing on the wall… (2018 Edition)

I am immersed in significant historical dates this week.  Later in the week or next week I will be talking about a project based upon another historical event which consumed nearly a week of my time and *nothing* else got done while I finished it...but it was so worth the headaches and sleep deprivation. The

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The Latest Scandal Hits The Shelves

Book 7 of the Scandalous Scions series was released a few days ago. I've mentioned before and elsewhere how much fun I had writing this particular book.  It was one of those bonus books that authors sometimes talk about, when the story "falls out" of them. That's what Season of Denial did for me.  Unlike many of

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Are Print Publishers Really Doomed?

This is a series I wrote and released on this day seven years ago. As it turns out, I was prophetic.  Just about everything I spoke about in this series is more or less the state of the industry right now...or heading there.   For that reason, I'm bringing it forward again, so it doesn't get

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Character Inspiration — A Classic Casting

It is sheer coincidence, but this week I seem to be talking about character inspiration all over the place.  I was talking about the character inspiration for Neven in the Kiss Across Worlds book on my newsletter.  I'm also currently plotting book 9.0 of the Scandalous Scions series (which currently has no name), and thick in

The Third King Arthur Romance Is Now Available On Amazon

Way back when mapmakers were first starting to document the shape of the world, when they reached an area on the map that wasn’t known, they frequently put comments like “here be dragons.” As most of the books in the Once and Future Hearts series deal with members of the Pendragon family, the dragons are

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