One Hot Summer Giveaway

One Hot Summer Giveaway There's some man chest on show for this one, so be careful browsing the giveaway if you're at work! Summer is almost here. To celebrate grab some sizzling reads. While the stories might not take place on a beach, they will leave the reader searching for water... One Hot Summer Giveaway

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A James Bond-worthy Setting for the Next Project Kobra Book!

A James Bond-worthy Setting for the Next Project Kobra Book! This place is surreal! It is the Oberoi Udaivilas hotel in Udaipur, India. Not your average highway motel. Udaipur is one of the oldest cities in India.  Man settled on the banks of the Ahur River around 2000 BC, and the city of Udaipur was

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What’s the Best eReader for Your Books

What's the Best eReader for Your Books? Time was, the easiest answer to this would be "the reader your bookseller sells".  If you bought your books on Amazon, you bought a Kindle.  If you bought your books on B&N, a Nook was your go-to.  Kobo sells Kobo reading devices and so on. Only, it isn't

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My Worst Enemy

My Worst Enemy     I though I'd talk about my paranormal time travel romance series, Kiss Across Time, today.  As there is sort-of news.  Actually it's more a random musing...but I'll get to that. I have a list of release dates and proposed books that stretches out at least a year ahead of today. 

Sexist Vintage Ads!

Vintage Ads So Sexist, They're Offensive   The UK newspaper, The Telegraph, has a series of vintage advertisements that will take your breath away with their crude sexism. I look at them and think "but this was considered normal back then!" Holy cow, have we come a long way since.  There's still light years to go,

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In Space, *Everything* Will Be Recycled

In Space, *Everything* Will Be Recycled Including your poop. Packing food for space travel can be a drain on space and fuel. NASA/Public Domain According to NASA, the only way to off-set the costs and problems with hauling anything into space is through ruthless recycling of everything.  On the space station, everything but feces

The White-Haired Girl From Witcher…

The White-Haired Girl From Witcher... This is just one of about six teaser graphics I did for the release of High King of Britain, (you can find the rest here, by scrolling down the posts) and I was thrilled about this one in particular, because the model in the stock photo I used to build the