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It’s Just A Job–Wood Elves (2024)

An update on the 2011 post Elves as they appear in modern fantasy fiction were plucked from Norse mythology, where there were High and Dark Elves, and the Dark Elves were the forerunners of Dwarves as we know them in fantasy fiction. But Wood Elves were not part of Norse mythology.  They have evolved from […]

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It’s Just a Job – High Elves

I have been running this site for over twenty years, since I first was published. The blog section of the site (that you’re reading now–and possibly, you’re reading it as an email), has had a couple of iterations. I started a blog when I was first published and many of the posts in this series

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Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Several months ago, on the Reader’s Hangout, there was a discussion about romances featuring older heroines. I ran a poll at the time, asking if readers would like to read romances that featured older women, as none of us is getting any younger. 🙂 Here’s the results of that poll: I took the results seriously,

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A Halloween Romance giveaway. THREE TAPS, THEN….

I have a short Halloween romance that is a free download, all year round, but as it’s actually Halloween, I’m drawing your attention to it today. Noah always knocked on Aysel’s door the same way, including the last time he knocked, five hours after his funeral. A short and sweet Halloween treat. This is a

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Threesome Awesomeness has Arrived!

Four Awesome Threesomes is now available for only 99c. Check it out, get a good sample of several different series I’ve written and let me know your favourite! A Delectable Sampler.  Four Threesome Romances from Four Threesome Series… Four Awesome Threesomes includes four first books in four of Tracy Cooper-Posey’s best selling urban fantasy and

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A Taste for Blood

Sample Chapter, Vampire PNR We’re only two weeks away from the launch of Four Awesome Threesomes, so that means it’s sample time. The very first book in the collection is Bannockburn Binding, book 1 of the Beloved Bloody Time MMF urban fantasy futuristic time travel romance series. (Say that three times fast.) So here is

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A Samhain romance for Halloween

I’ve written a novelette for Halloween; Samhain Crossing.  It’s a paranormal romance with a couple other sub-genres thrown in there.  Including, if you really push the point, alternative history.  In other words, it’s a romance I wrote with zero concern about where it would properly “fit” in the market.  Or even how it “should” be

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Threesome Awesomeness

What I feared would happen with my release schedule as a result of all the health stuff going on in my life [here, for more details] did, in fact, end up happening. I had to move books ahead a slot. That left a yawning hole in the schedule, which I quickly realized was the perfect

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Starter Excerpt from the next Adelaide Becket story.

We’re two weeks out from the release of the next Adelaide Becket story, The Broadcloth Midnight, (or one week, if you’ve pre-ordered directly from me!).  So it’s time for a big-ish starting excerpt (as there is no Chapter 1 to give you). Excerpt EXCERPT FROM THE BRAODCLOTH MIDNIGHTCOPYRIGHT © TRACY COOPER-POSEY 2021ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Turk’s

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It’s Black Cat day — and the Love & Legends anthology is out!

When I was invited to join the Love & Legends anthology, it was set up a bit differently from other anthologies I’ve been in.  There was a theme, but we were also assigned the “legend” part of the theme.  The editors literally stuck a pin in an old map of Britain, for each author in

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