Why was Fighting With the Left Hand So Dishonorable?

Why was Fighting With the Left Hand So Dishonorable? If I didn't catch you already, this morning, and you're celebrating Thanksgiving, have a great rest of your day! If you shop at Kobo (and I shop anywhere there's a sale!), and you're in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia or New Zealand, then you might

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Today is National Chocolate Cake Day.

  I'm stretching the fact just a touch.  It's actually only National Chocolate Cake Day in the United States, but c'mon...!  It's chocolate cake.  Do you need a better excuse than someone, somewhere made a national day out of it? And to celebrate the day, I'm posting here my mother-in-law's chocolate cake recipe, which is simple

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Australia Day 2019

I'm ironically aware that as this post goes live, Australia Day in Australia is all over and done with, thanks to the International Date Line. But it's Australia Day where I am, so I'm doing the salute, sans the tinny. 'on yer, mate. ________________________

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A Gift Idea for the Impossible-to-Buy-For Person In Your Life

Original artwork by Dar Albert, Wicked Smart Designs When I first started writing for Ellora’s Cave, way back when, the covers they gave me for my books sucked like a vacuum. I’m not being mean. They really did suck.  In those days, the new electronic publishing industry didn’t understand how critical covers were for

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Western Australia Day

Another anniversary date I didn't want to omit acknowledging. Western Australia Day was called Foundation Day when I was a kid, and we always had special assemblies on the day.  The name was changed to Western Australian day in the 1990s, after I left Australia, as the old name had come to be considered insensitive

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You THINK You Know Someone…

  This weird little factoid made me pause: Abraham Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, because he only lost once in over 300 matches. Wow. Commenting as a non-American, I have to say that is not the usual image of Abraham Lincoln that seeps across the national borders.  The man clearly had

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