• Aerial view of Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park, Texas USA (Mexico is on the left side of the canyon, US on right and mountains in background are Mexico).

Beautiful In Its Own Rugged Way

I grew up in wheatbelt territory in Western Australia.  It was flat countryside that, to me, was very boring.  Gum trees and spinifex, and tea trees everywhere.  The type of trees that grow in Western Australia are unique.  Show me a photo of a piece of countryside and I know it's Australia, because of the

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If You’re Reading This via Email, or RSS Feed, or Facebook…

...in fact, if you're reading this post anywhere other than right on my site, with the red and black band at the top, then you should know that I am about to move all RSS and Email subscribers to the blog to a commercial blog feed.   I have been using a free Google-based feed service

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Bad Boys Who Aren’t.

Yesterday's Legacy was officially released last Thursday and there's already some great reviews.  One of the trends I'm noticing in the reviews are lots of descriptors for the hero, Jonah: rebel a real bum a rebel, troublemaker, and someone who can't be trusted, a free thinker slacker doesn't quite seem to fit into society a

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End of an Era…er…Series. :)

If you read the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere for Sabrina's Clan, which came out last Thursday, there is a lot of weeping and rending of garments because it is the last book in the series. I've also had some "interesting" email direct from readers demanding requesting I write more books in the series. This

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My X Factor

On my newsletter*, recently, I explained why writing the second book in the Endurance series felt a lot like writing in a vacuum. I was almost in the same boat writing Promissory Note, but by then, I had committed myself to this series, so I sailed ahead without too much concern. Promissory Note has confirmed

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Ship In A Bottle

If you have arrived here from a galaxy far, far away...err, from the Science Fiction Romance Brigade's blog hop tour, welcome! . Ship in a Bottle. .   One of the joys of writing science fiction is the opportunity to create not just a single other world, but thousands of them, if

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The Genre That EVERYONE Is Reading

Have a guess.  If the gun doesn't give it away, then let me put you out of your misery. Romantic Suspense. If you're about to say "no, I do not read RS!' then you should probably check out these two articles.  In my on-going efforts to bring the site up to date I recently added

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Uh-Oh…Now I’ve Done It.

I couldn't help myself.  I did it again. What, do you ask? I set a book in Canada.  In the Rockies.  Again. Can't help myself.  I have to break out every now and again and put in a bloody great rock or two as a backdrop. :) For those of you familiar with the Destiny's

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Canada Day

So, hey!  Today is Canada Day.  This is the first Canada Day I've celebrated as a Canadian citizen, too. Since I was naturalized in December last year, I've been itching to put "Canadian" on an official form somewhere and a couple of weeks ago that opportunity finally arrived. Guess what the form was for. Renewing

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USA Today’s HAE Interview

. I was interviewed by the USA Today's Happy Ever After blog a while ago, and that interview is appearing on the blog today. Hop over and have a look -- and leave a comment if you're so minded. This is the interview that caused me to comment about keeping up with your favourite authors,

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