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Ask Me Anything…Really, Anything (this time)

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Where: https://www.facebook.com/TracyCooperPosey/ When: Thursday, June 30 When: 9pm EST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST How: Make sure you "like" the FB page, then you'll be sent a notice when it starts! Quick note:  I'm running another Ask Me Anything on Facebook on Thursday night to celebrate the launch of Sabrina's Clan. This time,

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Changing Legendary Monsters into Heroes

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Today I have as my guest, Kate Hill.  Kate writes paranormal romances and publishes the spicier tales under the Saloni Quinby pen name.  She has just release a new story -- details below. Please welcome Kate. Changing Legendary Monsters into Heroes by Kate Hill If you look back even fifty years, it's difficult to find

Pretty Things.

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  I saw a fashion blog headline the other day that just made me laugh.  I don't have it anymore, but I can paraphrase it: Ten Essential Must-Buys for Your Fall 2016 Wardrobe! Sounds perfectly normal -- you see headlines like this all the time. The things that struck me as hilarious were: That I

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Kate Hill guesting here next week.

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Kate Hill is a romance author who I am sure you've probably heard of.  She write paranormal and erotic romances and has a pretty long backlist, too (always fun to explore!). Kate will be my special guest on Monday.  Stop by and say hello! ________

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And the SFR Beat Goes On…

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It's very nice to go to the Greyson's Doom page on Amazon and see over 70 reviews already (it's only been out a week), and some of the very nice comments about the book.  If you are one of the readers who left a review, thank you! If you enjoyed Greyson's Doom, then you'll be

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Are you missing out on the good stuff?

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I was just interviewed by USA Today for their Happy Ever After blog.  The interview comes out on June 30 (yes, I'll remind you!).  The interesting thing is that they wanted to talk to me about Faring Soul, book 1 of the Interspace Origins series. Why is that interesting?  Well, for me, the writing and

Ask Me Anything. (About my stories!!)

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You may have heard that writers are introverts.  In my case, that's absolutely true. So you can imagine how I feel about having a camera in my face, where you can all see me! But. Very large but.... I'm going to be talking about my books and stories, and that is something I can do

All the SFR You Can Get — Free Sample Packs!

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            I am a member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, a group of SFR authors.  There's a blog, by the way, if you haven't found it yet:  http://sfrcontests.blogspot.ca/. In July, there will be a SFR blog hop coordinated by the Brigade...but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Suffice to say,

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Book Shop Hacking for Amazon Readers

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I came across some of these little factoids just recently, and some of them I've known for a while, but they all add up to an interesting insight about shopping for books. It doesn't matter where you live on the ball, you can still browse through Amazon.com. Depending on where you're located on the globe,

Sexy Lips on Men…Revisited.

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I'm sure this has happened to you.  You're having a conversation with friends and everyone is chatting happily, the topics keep moving around, then you happen to say something that you think is completely innocuous. Suddenly, conversation stops and you can hear crickets chirping.  Everyone is looking at you and you can feel yourself mentally