Have Your Hanky Ready.

When Beauty's Beasts came out, the first time around, Blackraven's Reviews said of it: "It’s an outstanding book but be prepared to have your hanky ready." If they thought Beauty's Beasts was a weepy, then they would love reading Unbearable.  Alas, professional review sites won't review indie authors anymore, so I won't get to find

Paper vs Pixels

Last week I asked the readers of my newsletter about print editions -- did they like them, did they prefer them? The ensuing discussion on Facebook was lively and opinion was split nearly evenly both ways.  Some readers can't stand print.  Others love their physical books. Way, way back in 2007 I posted an article

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Victoria Day 2016

For Canadians, today is a public holiday celebrating Queen Victoria and her reign. As of October last year, Victoria is no longer the longest reigning English monarch.  Queen Elizabeth II has now claimed that record, and Victoria Day is also a celebration of her birthday (which is actually in April). Victoria Day is the oldest

Gargoyle Sweat…Delivered.

A few days ago I was talking about how Carson's Night came to be, and promised the full story later. I've updated and re-uploaded the article, "The Blood, Sweat and Gritty-Eyed Truth Behind Carson’s Night", and linked it to the Articles page, which is looking pretty empty right now -- updating and uploading articles will

A Long, Long, Long Time Coming….

Sometimes the passage of time sneaks up on you and smacks you in the face.  Actually, not just sometimes, but usually it likes to knock you off your feet, just to keep you humble. I was talking to a long time reader of mine via email the other day and she mentioned that she "discovered"

A perfect swan song.

...at least, that's what one reader said on Amazon, about Cat and Company, the third and last (for now) book in the Interspace Origins series. Cat and Company was released last Thursday. Here's a peek for you: “Where are we going, again?” Catherine whispered, leaning toward Devlin so she could keep her voice down. Devlin

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Bigger Than Some Cities.

You may have heard about the wildfire burning in Alberta, Canada.  You may not have realized it's only four hours north of where I live.  Most of the refugees are landing here in Edmonton, and many people I know are spontaneously helping out in whatever way they can.  One of the most heartbreaking things about

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Greyson’s Doom. Cover and details, as promised.

Somewhere in the middle of the big marathon to get the new site up and running, I managed to also get a new page built for Greyson's Doom, and Dar came through with a brilliant cover (as usual!).  I just love this one. If you've been wandering around the site in the last day or

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May the Fourth Be With You.

There is no possible way I can let this day go past without a salute of some kind.  Star Wars is the reason I'm writing (The full story is here and also here, if you've never heard it before).  Also, as I mentioned in my earlier post today, May 4th became THE day to get

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What do you think? If you're reading this post via newsfeed or email, you're probably wondering what on earth I'm asking you.  So hop over to the actual site, here, and look. Mark has spent nearly six months rebuilding the site from scratch, behind the scenes, with a lot of help from Dar Albert, who