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Picture Him…

Recently, I received an email from a reader, Wen, who said in part: I hate myself in pictures, specially where I have to pose but be natural WTH!!! But I have learned that selfies are more benevolent with me :) Video? No way Jose!!! About questions... I was the student who almost never asked questions

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More on Sideloading — to your Kindle.

Further to my post about sideloading, I discovered that Teleread have a three part series on the various ways you can sideload to your Kindle -- including why you would even want to. This is a thorough exploration of all the processes, and as it was only posted in April 2016, you can be fairly

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Indie IS a Business.

Through an unusual set of coincidences and associations, I recently found myself watching a live-streamed international conference for indie authors, as they hosted a variety of panels on different aspects of indie publishing. There was a lot of what I considered to be mealy-mouthed advice handed out, none of it particularly harmful, but guaranteed to

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Luke Cage…Mmmm.

  If you haven't caught up with the Netflix original series, Luke Cage, yet, then you might want to.  It ties up a few loose ends from both Daredevil and Jessica Jones.  There's also hints that the combined Defenders series is coming up really soon.  The Defenders are, basically, the Avengers, but way more grounded

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Sideloading Books

A Geek Girl's Guide to... is an ongoing series about becoming more technically savvy, so you can maximize your ereading pleasure.  Links to back-posts are at the end of this post. - t. ___ Sideloading Books What exactly is sideloading? A lot of readers get very confused by this term. It’s a made up word

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Save Your Reputation

The other day I explained to readers about how I had deeply embarrassed myself without realizing it.  I spent several hours making amends. It's not just readers who were affected by this blind spot of mine.  I also probably offended a dozen different authors and industry people, who likely rolled their eyes at my "I

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Uncovered Treasures.

Well, paint me red. I am not super big on hanging out on social networks, although that's where I get to chat with readers most of the time, so I do know my way around.  Or at least, I thought I did. The other day I discovered that not only does Facebook not show me

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A Tool To Enhance Your Reading Pleasure

  (a) Get your mind out of the gutter. (b) If you would like to enjoy your reading more, read on. There is a tool out there that is currently enjoying a revival in many businesses and industries.  It is the simple checklist. Dr. Atul Gawande wrote the book, The Checklist Manifesto, after he incorporated

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