It’s Snowing!!!

  It's snowing!  I can see it through my window. Got your winter reading sorted out?  Now you have an excuse to sit by the fire.... Have a great weekend!

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Plaid, Breeches…what’s next?

Historical romance gets short shrift from the traditional publishing industry. Fifteen years ago, it was selling like hotcakes, until they declared that the historical romance market was dead and promptly stopped buying historical romance from authors…which killed the market for them. (Funny how that works). One of the earlier editions of DIANA BY THE

Epically Giggle-Making

Q&A about length. In your newsletter, you said that The Branded Rose Prophecy is extra, extra-long. I was curious. What's the longest you've ever written, and what's the shortest (complete story, that is!) you've ever written? This mailbag question was an interesting one for me, as Thor: Ragnarok was released a few days ago. It's the

Anyone NOT see the parallels, here?

Today, 297 years ago, Captain Jack Calico was captured by the British Navy, and later hanged in Port Royal, Jamaica. Wikipedia's entry on the man is pretty light, but it did include the usual "in popular culture" list…which was oddly missing any reference to Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Carribbean franchise. That raised

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Vistaria Has Fallen, Chapter Seven

As Vistaria Has Fallen will be released this week, this is the last excerpt chapter.  Enjoy! t. VISTARIA HAS FALLEN (Vistaria Has Fallen: Book One) A Romantic Military Thriller VISTARIA HAS FALLEN WILL BE RELEASED ON OCTOBER 19, 2017 EXCERPT FROM VISTARIA HAS FALLEN COPYRIGHT © TRACY COOPER-POSEY 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Chapter Seven “Calli! Calli, come on

Why Authors Let You Down

I’ve been sharply reminded this week of the constant tension that thrums between creatives and consumers – or, to be blunt—the writer and the reader.  You. (For this post, “consumer” is not merely someone who buys products.  I use the word to refer to anyone who consumes what creatives produce.  Consumers are viewers and listeners,