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More Inbox Advice

Asian Efficiency said recently: Have you ever felt like all you do is go from one emergency to the next? Do you feel constantly stressed because you are consistently putting out fires? Do you find yourself scanning your inbox because you just know that another one is about to pop up somewhere? If so, you’re

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Poke Stop, Books Go

Did you get caught up in the craze, too?  Although, it seems that Pokemon Go might be one of those instant-instantly-dead fads, if reports are to be believed. Not quite every country in the world went Pokemon hunting, either.   In Belgium, a high school teacher was inspired by Pokemon Go to build another virtual hunting

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Games People Will Play

The thing about any story set in the future that features humans is that all the current human cultures and habits could extend on for a good long bit yet...like eating with knives and forks, for instance.  It's hard to imagine we would ever go back to eating with our fingers, with a belt knife

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Sturgeon’s Law and What It Means for Romanceland

The "straight" science fiction genre (that is, the genre that has no romance and a dearth of deep characters and interesting relationships -- as opposed to Science Fiction Romance, which has the best of both worlds), has had its share of critics and outspoken authors with strong opinions.  Theodore Sturgeon was an outstanding SF writer,

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Cool New Cover…!

  Xenogenesis is book 4 of The Endurance series and will be released on October 27, 2016.  Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs is up to her usual wicked smartness.  I just love this one! What do you think? And here's a snippet from the book, just to tease you.  (BTW, there's a whole other

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