Diving over the Batavia

Diving over the Batavia Today in 1629, the Dutch tall ship Batavia was wrecked off the coast of Western Australia, not too far from where I grew up. The photo, above, shows a replica of the Batavia, which was built in the Netherlands and is currently on display in Geraldton, Western Australia…where I grew up.

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My, How Movies Have Changed!

My, How Movies Have Changed! Since moving to Canada in 1996, I have been slowly replacing all the books I sold to finance moving here with ebook copies.  Sometimes those copies have been slow to acquire because the books weren’t yet issued in ebook format. I’m very happy that traditional publishers are finally getting a

What Would You Do To Gain Your Own Psi Talent?

I'm currently suffering through the first cold I've had in years -- and not doing it very gracefully, I might add.  It is sapping my energy. So I thought I would post this longish article about paranormal talents -- another of a huge group of guest posts on blogs that have evaporated in the meantime.

Sturgeon’s Law and What It Means for Romanceland

The "straight" science fiction genre (that is, the genre that has no romance and a dearth of deep characters and interesting relationships -- as opposed to Science Fiction Romance, which has the best of both worlds), has had its share of critics and outspoken authors with strong opinions.  Theodore Sturgeon was an outstanding SF writer,

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Are you missing out on the good stuff?

I was just interviewed by USA Today for their Happy Ever After blog.  The interview comes out on June 30 (yes, I'll remind you!).  The interesting thing is that they wanted to talk to me about Faring Soul, book 1 of the Interspace Origins series. Why is that interesting?  Well, for me, the writing and

Hug your dad.

It’s Father’s Day for everyone in Canada and the US. For those of you with dads within reaching distance, enjoy your day. Here’s some trivia for you. The actual spelling of the holiday was always intended to be “Fathers’ Day” -- with the apostrophe on the other side of the ‘s’, which makes it a

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Binge Reading

I’ve become fascinated by the phenomenon of binge TV watching lately. I mistakenly thought I was the only story-addict who sat up until the small hours of the morning watching episode after episode of an entire season of a particularly good TV show. Fringe is the first show I ever did that with, years and

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Are Strong Women Too Strong?

Are Strong Women Too Strong? Romantic suspense and urban fantasy romance are littered with über strong female leads, who kick ass as good, if not better, than their heroes. I’ve always personally leaned towards strong heroines. The virginal, trembling heroine that many historical romances seem to specialize in have sub-zero appeal for me. I’m not

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