In or Out…Or Something Else?

Urban Fantasy deals with fantasy species living in our suburbs and shopping at our malls.  Which begets the immediate question:  Do the humans in that fictional world know about these fantasy creatures living amongst them, or not? And that's where an urban fantasy author's headache immediately sets in.  Right from the get-go she has to

Working Notes – December 12, 2011

I’m one of those writers who doesn’t believe in writer’s block.  I don’t think it exists as an independent condition.  If a writer can’t bring herself to write, then there’s an underlying reason for the “block”.  Resolve that base reason, and the writer will be able to write again. But there isn’t a disease that

It’s Just A Job – High Elves

This is a continuation of the It's just a Job series, that has survived the loss of the blog, transition to the newsletter, newsletter/blog hybrid and back to this blog again. Some of the series can be found on my articles pages, including the most recent installment, Dark Elves, and those such as the Demon Hunter

I’m Back! And Boy Do I Have News!

I think the title probably says a mouthful all by itself, so I'll roll right over to the good stuff. :) I have to finish this post then go rebuild my site to accommodate the blog once more.  Which pleases me no end, because I have so missed blogging it's not funny. And there's so

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