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What’s the Best eReader for Your Books

What’s the Best eReader for Your Books? Time was, the easiest answer to this would be “the reader your bookseller sells”.  If you bought your books on Amazon, you bought a Kindle.  If you bought your books on B&N, a Nook was your go-to.  Kobo sells Kobo reading devices and so on. Only, it isn’t

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Pi Day

International Excuse To Eat Pie Day Actually, it really is Pi Day – a worldwide celebration of everything mathematical. As a self-confessed anal geek, I can’t let the day pass without a mention.  Even if it is to urge you to grab some pie and spare a thought for how mathematics shapes the world we live

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But they are so pretty!

You may not be aware that, in another life, I run a productivity blog for writers, the Productive Indie Fiction Writer. I have been interested in productivity for a long time, and the blog is a natural outlet for that interest. When I was researching a blog post for the site the other day, I

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More Inbox Advice

Asian Efficiency said recently: Have you ever felt like all you do is go from one emergency to the next? Do you feel constantly stressed because you are consistently putting out fires? Do you find yourself scanning your inbox because you just know that another one is about to pop up somewhere? If so, you’re

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