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24 Unusual Historical Romances. Have you read all these yet?

24 Unusual Historical Romances. Have you read all these yet? I came across this post on Book Riot by Namera Tanjeem, from last year.  Really interesting reading!  If you like your historical romances, then browse the post.  Just the first book on the list was enough for me to click through to Amazon and check

I Do Not Believe It!

I Do Not Believe It! What don't I believe?  Well, I don't believe it snowed here this morning!  It's nearly June, for heaven's sake! And yep, we had snow. It didn't stick around, as the temperature is above zero (just), but it was cold enough that I reluctantly pulled out socks and put them on.

SFR Goodness. Grab it before the deal ends!

SFR Goodness. Grab it before the deal ends! I'm heads down at the moment, on a vicious deadline, so I haven't done anything but sleep for a few days.  But I have garlic going crazy on the shelf by the window! This is before and after   Those were taken 7 days apart! Hope everyone

Bloomin’ Deals You Don’t Want to Miss!

Bloomin' Deals You Don't Want to Miss! I'm growing things! We're desperately trying to conserve cash at the moment, but now is the time to get going in the garden (for us northerners. If you've already got flowers blooming, farther south, enjoy!). So I have been trying to figure out how to bootstrap a kitchen

Launch Alert! A New Massive Box Set for a Limited Time Massive Discount!

Launch Alert! A New Massive Box Set for a Limited Time Massive Discount!   I've been getting a lot of recipes! Thank you for those! I'll be sorting through them for the next few weeks. Here's one that sounds like a never-fail, using pantry ingredients only. For the gluten free crowd, I would swap out

What’s the Best eReader for Your Books

What's the Best eReader for Your Books? Time was, the easiest answer to this would be "the reader your bookseller sells".  If you bought your books on Amazon, you bought a Kindle.  If you bought your books on B&N, a Nook was your go-to.  Kobo sells Kobo reading devices and so on. Only, it isn't

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Don’t do Facebook? How not to miss out!

On Facebook, on Monday, we had a rolling, roiling discussion about print versus ebooks, and how to maximize your book collection. Lots of differing opinions...including mine! I had an eye opener regarding print and ebooks recently, which I shared in the discussion. One of the viewers/commentors was US Today Best Selling romance author Laurann Dohner, a complete

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New Year Resolutions, Romanceland Style

If you overindulged last night, you have my commiserations.  As a non-drinker (I'm allergic to alcohol), I have the advantage of naturally avoiding miserable January Firsts.  :) Happy New Year, no matter what your state! It has become old-fashioned to talk about New Year Resolutions anymore.  Science and research have shown that almost no one

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Reading More Books, Keeping Your FitBit Happy, and more.

Monday's Facebook live session was a doozy. 1) Comments worked!  I cannot tell you how awkward it felt, the week before, when I couldn't see everyone's comments. I had not realized how much the FB live sessions were a two-way street until then. So I was very relieved when the first comment showed up. (I think that

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