The Official 100

In July 2019, I released my 100th story. I actually had well over 100 titles already published and released, but some of them were very short stories and one flash fiction story, too.  Others were boxed sets.  There have also been a lot of books and stories republished over the years under different titles. Excluding the republished, the collections and shorter stories, and the bundled boxed sets from my official 100 count meant that the formal one hundredth original stand-alone title was released on July 25, 2019 (amid a ton of celebrating and fireworks!). I have written a great many more books since then–although it will be a while before I reach my next 100th! Here is the “official” list of the first 100.
                    1. 5,001
                    2. An Inconvenient Lover
                    3. Ashes of Pride
                    4. Bannockburn Binding
                    5. Beauty’s Beasts
                    6. Beth’s Acceptance
                    7. Blood Ascendant
                    8. Blood Knot
                    9. Blood Revealed
                    10. Blood Stone
                    11. Blood Unleashed
                    12. Born of No Man
                    13. Broken Promise
                    14. But Now I See
                    15. Byzantine Heartbreak
                    16. Carson’s Night 
                    17. Casualties of War
                    18. Cat and Company 
                    19. Celtic Crossing 
                    20. Chronicles of the Lost Years 
                    21. Cora’s Secret 
                    22. Dangerous Beauty  
                    23. Dead Again 
                    24. Dead Double  
                    25. Degree of Solitude
                    26. Delly’s Last Night 
                    27. Diana by the Moon 
                    28. Dragon Kin
                    29. Eva’s Last Dance
                    30. Evangeliya 
                    31. Faring Soul 
                    32. Fatal Wild Child 
                    33. Flying Blind
                    34. Forbidden 
                    35. Freedom Fighters
                    36. Greyson’s Doom
                    37. Harvest of Holidays 
                    38. Heart of Vengeance 
                    39. High King of Britain
                    40. Hostage Crisis
                    41. Hunting The Kobra
                    42. Inside Man 
                    43. Junkyard Heroes  
                    44. Kiss Across Chains 
                    45. Kiss Across Deserts 
                    46. Kiss Across Kingdoms 
                    47. Kiss Across Seas 
                    48. Kiss Across Swords 
                    49. Kiss Across Time
                    50. Kiss Across Tomorrow 
                    51. Kiss Across Worlds
                    52. Law of Attraction
                    53. Lucifer’s Lover 
                    54. Marriage of Lies
                    55. Mask of Nobility  
                    56. Mia’s Return  
                    57. More Time Kissed Moments
                    58. New Star Rising 
                    59. Ningaloo Nights 
                    60. Octavia’s War
                    61. Pay The Ferryman
                    62. Pendragon Rises
                    63. Perilous Princess 
                    64. Prisoner of War
                    65. Promissory Note
                    66. Quiver and Crave
                    67. Romani Armada 
                    68. Rose of Ebony
                    69. Rules of Engagement
                    70. Sabrina’s Clan
                    71. Season of Denial
                    72. Sera’s Gift 
                    73. Skinwalker’s Bane
                    74. Solstice Surrender 
                    75. Soul of Sin 
                    76. Southampton Swindle 
                    77. Spartan Resistance 
                    78. Suns Eclipsed 
                    79. Terra’s Victory 
                    80. Terror Stash 
                    81. The Branded Rose Prophecy 
                    82. The Case of the Reluctant Agent
                    83. The Royal Talisman 
                    84. Time and Remembrance
                    85. Time and Tyra Again 
                    86. Time Kissed Moments 
                    87. Unbearable
                    88. Vale
                    89. Valor of Love 
                    90. Varkan Rise 
                    91. V-Day 
                    92. Veil of Honor
                    93. Viennese Agreement 
                    94. Vistaria Has Fallen
                    95. Vivian’s Return 
                    96. Wait 
                    97. War Duke of Britain
                    98. Xenogenesis
                    99. Yesterday’s Legacy
                    100. Zoe’s Blockade

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Ruth DuCharme

Syneca Featherstone

Chris Marie Green

Elleby Harper

Liz Hedgecock

Pauline Baird Jones

Marjorie Jones-Cooke

Kay Lyons

Mike Madden

Randy McCharles

Terry Mixon

Kris Pearson

Kayla Perrin

Connie Perry

Barbara Phinney

Jonas Saul

Tom Schneider

Faith V. Smith

Ebuka Stan

Diana Stout

Cheryl K. Tardiff

J.A. Templeton

Blaze Ward

Donna Wilson

Lyn Worthen

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