Australia Day

Australia Day I'm a citizen of both Australia and Canada and today is Australia Day, although by the time most of us in the northern hemisphere gets to read this post, Australia Day will be over in Australia.  Nevertheless, I'm pausing to acknowledge my birth country, of which I am still inordinately fond--especially the beaches,

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If you like paranormal romance and/or RPGs…

If you like paranormal romance and/or RPGs… I've been learning a lot about Kickstarter lately, as Taylen Carver, one of our SRP authors, has had one of their urban fantasy series as the focus of our first Kickstarter project.  And while I was browsing through some of the great deals you can find on Kickstarter,

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An Overdue Update

An Overdue Update The booboo from hell. Before I get into the meat of today's post, a short public service announcement: His Parisian Mistress, which is book 1 of the historical romance series, Scandalous Famiy--The Victorians, is for today and only a few more days free on all booksellers, including Stories Rule Press. Get your

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A Christmas Romance release, just in time for Christmas!

A Christmas Romance release, just in time for Christmas! There is a vast difference between how the southern hemisphere celebrates Christmas and how the northern hemisphere celebrates Christmas.  But weirdly, there are some remarkable similarities, because Christmas was exported from Up-Over.  I grew up eating mince pies and fruit cake on Christmas Day, along with

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