Are Print Publishers Really Doomed?

This is a series I wrote and released on this day seven years ago. As it turns out, I was prophetic.  Just about everything I spoke about in this series is more or less the state of the industry right now...or heading there.   For that reason, I'm bringing it forward again, so it doesn't get

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No More Classics?

For those of you who like to tap the vast public domain resources of Project Gutenberg, this item from their latest newsletter may be of interest. __ The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP is a secretive effort of nations to agree on a variety of social and economic mechanisms to facilitate commerce. The TPP negotiations were

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Because Indie Legacy Published Books Are Full of Typos

Because Indie Legacy Published Books Are Full of Typos Indie authors have permanently scarred psyches.  They know their books are going to be scrutinized for errors, typos, grammar mistakes, and the most obscure misinterpretations of the English language possible…all to be held up in the air by some rabid indie-critic who will declare triumphantly in

I’m at Vampire Romance Books today, talking about Indie Authors

In the swirling whirliegig that is publishing, these days, indie authors and indie publishing is the newly-emerging cottage industry...or is it the way of things to come? I get to wrap up Indie Author month at Vampire Romance Books with an overview of Indie Publishing today. Have your say. After all, indie publishing is an

Friday’s Mash

Goodies I've found from chatting and cruising this week: Sites Romance Book Junkies - Danielle likes Paranormal, Erotica, Historical, Fantasy, some Young Adult and some Urban Fantasy, but she doesn't review MMF romances at all. DABWAHA -  Interesting concept.  It's like Survivor, but for books.  The slug line reads:  "64 Books. 1 Champion. Get Your

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About The Industry – All Romance eBooks Trend Analysis for 2011

Every year, All Romance eBooks produces a Trend Analysis that they distribute to all their publishers. The report is naturally focused upon All Romance eBooks and their position within the industry, but once you sift through that bias, it contains some very interesting information. I thought I'd share some of the highlights.  Some buyer highlights

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Working Notes – Backstage Pass

Last time around, for working notes, I had skipped over two books, and had to back track. This time, I don’t have a book to talk about at all, because of another phenomenon of the indie publishing industry:  doing it yourself means actually doing it all yourself.  Everything.  The formatting, uploading, releasing, technical un-hitching, acquiring

Damn Good Romances – Part 1

This post is part of a series. Part 1: Damn Good Romances Part II: Romantic Tension Part III: Romantic Conflict Part IV: Emotional Intensity Part V: Heart-Stopping Moments Part VI: Uncertainty of Outcome Part VII: Moment of Ultimate Vulnerability Part VIII: Happy Ever After...For Now _____________ Mark and I were arguing...sorry, “discussing” what makes a

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About The Industry – Be The Monkey

Actually, if you know what choosing to be the monkey really means, you'd recoil.  But it's a diverting title for a book that is really a long conversation between two big names in publishing.  One, Barry Eisler, is a New York Times Bestselling writer who has turned his back on the legacy publishing model and

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