24 Science Fiction Romance Authors and Why They Write SFR.

  Because SFR is such a new genre, the answer to what SFR actually is constantly shifts.  Some indie authors who write really good SFR put themselves in the Science Fiction category, while some authors who write science fiction with a romantic subplot think SFR is fair game and jump into the pond. Readers are also divided

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SFR Celebration

              _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello to everyone who has arrived here via the SFR Brigade website!  Do leave your name in the visitor book!  (i.e. Comments).  It's great to know where people have come from. For all my regulars, today I'm linking in with the SFR Brigade's Thursday showcase of all

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5,001 – A Great Little Intro To SFR

After the long (long!) intro to Faring Soul, my first SFR novel coming out next month, I had a sudden brainwave. I did a marathon stint at the computer to lightning-publish this SFR short story, called 5,001 – a Science Fiction Romance Short Story. It’s a cheap and quick way to try SFR if you’ve

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Is SF Romance Really All That Difficult to Read?

Recently, I found myself commenting on a blog post – at length. This is unusual (not, the length, as I’m inclined to windiness, but commenting at all is unusual). The post that prompted the comment was on SF Romance; “Is Sci-Fi Romance Really All That Difficult to Write?” If you’ve read any of my Beloved

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