Passion of Love March 2019 Giveaway

Passion of Love March 2019 Giveaway As the image implies, this BookFunnel giveaway is for steamier romances. Lots of bare chests on display (so be careful if you're reading this at work--although the image above just dropped your co-workers' jaws, anyway!). I have a lot of books (over 150 of them), so I can participate

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A movie filmed *entirely* on computer screens

A movie filmed *entirely* on computer screens Twenty years ago, the 2018 movie Searching couldn't have been even imagined, let alone filmed. We tripped over the movie recently and were intrigued enough by the trailer to rent it.  The trailer, by the way, doesn't hint about the true nature of the movie, unless you're really

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Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords.

Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords. We love to adore the red-coated soldiers parading through our historical romances -- just think of Rupert Friend in Pride & Prejudice, or the dashing military friends in Four Feathers. But life in the military wasn't fun. Not even for the officers. Prepare to learn some not so romantic facts about

Equinoctial Arthurian Goodness

Equinoctial Arthurian Goodness Did that title make you blink? The root word for equinoctial is equinox...which is today.  It is the vernal equinox, and from now on, the days will have more sunlight hours than night hours in them. Which is kinda coincidental...but perhaps not. The equinox and solstices play a role in my King

Dumb Drugs

Dumb Drugs Last Monday I woke up with a pain in the side of my back, that stabbed sharply when I breathed heavily. It hurt to raise my arm. As I had woken with it, I figured I'd slept funny, stressed a muscle or tendon, and that the pain would go away after a while.

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Crime And Suspense First In Series Giveaway

Crime And Suspense First In Series Giveaway It's the middle of March! How did that happen? Not the usual giveaway, today. This is a mix of thrillers, mysteries and suspense which may or may not include romance. It's worth a browse. There's some interesting covers there! Crime And Suspense First In Series Giveaway Cheers, .

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Pi Day

International Excuse To Eat Pie Day   Actually, it really is Pi Day - a worldwide celebration of everything mathematical. As a self-confessed anal geek, I can't let the day pass without a mention.  Even if it is to urge you to grab some pie and spare a thought for how mathematics shapes the world we

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A Podcast for Romance Readers

A Podcast for Romance Readers I've guested on a number of podcasts in the last few years, but they have been exclusively for writers, rather than readers. (Still, here's the full list, if you're curious). Finally, though, I was asked to guest on a podcast that was a) about romance novels and b) for *readers*, not

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