You THINK You Know Someone…

  This weird little factoid made me pause: Abraham Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, because he only lost once in over 300 matches. Wow. Commenting as a non-American, I have to say that is not the usual image of Abraham Lincoln that seeps across the national borders.  The man clearly had

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A White Hotel on a Tropical Island in a Time of War…

The Hotel des Indes, Batavia, during WWII. A white hotel on a tropical island, in a time of war. Does that remind you of anything?* _____ By Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures, CC BY-SA 3.0.   On this day in 1942, the Japanese Imperial Army captured Batavia, the capital

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Now, THIS is a beach!

HItachi Seaside Park, Japan. Image Credit:  Nipomen2 Western Australian beaches look nothing like this. The beaches I grew up beside were also full of salt bushes and sandy loam, stunted, windblown shrubs and salt. But they weren't pretty and manicured--not at all. I only have the one photo here, but you should check

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Tell me what you think, so you get to read what you want.

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Even Websters Dictionary can have typos!

Dmitry Ratushny We're all used to seeing typos and grammar mistakes in published work. Although, we tend to trust dictionaries completely.  They're the ultimate authority for publishers, authors, and Scrabble players. Yet, even Websters has been known to oops. On this day in 1939, it was discovered that the Websters New International Dictionary,

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I Got This Email About The Kiss Across Time Series

Actually, it wasn't just one email.  I've been getting a lot. They go, more or less: I love, love, love the Kiss Across Time series.  I just got to the end of Kiss Across Worlds, and read about there being no more for the foreseeable future.  Say it isn't so! I want more.  Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase...? I know how