Heritage Day.

Heritage Day Today is a provincial holiday marking the foundation of my adopted country and province, Alberta. If you're in Alberta, enjoy the day.  I, of course will be celebrating by...writing!  :) Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full novels free.  Sign up below. [More details here]

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Two More Promos for August.

Two More Promos for August. Brace yourself! 177 books, including excerpts and samples. August Racy Reads 33 books, all pure SFR. Samples and excerpt included. Scions Fiction Romance Promo Enjoy! Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full novels free.  Sign up below. [More details here] src="" alt="" />

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More Giveaways.

More Giveaways. Cool header, huh? 60 books, all sub-genres of PNR, including excerpts and samples. Free Paranormal Romance ​​Only 7 books, all set in the world of King Arthur, or related in some way. Arthurian Reads 96 books, including samples and excerpts. All sub-genres of romance. August One Hot Month​ ​​Enjoy! Cheers, .

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Stack of Giveaways!

Stack of Giveaways! It's the first, so there's a stack of new promos! I'll only have a few per day, instead of swamping you with dozens in one hit.   Ignore the grammar error in the title! Lies and Alibis Romantic Suspense Giveaway I Love Romance Giveaway. There's no header image for this one. If

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This Year’s Met Red Carpet Looks

This Year's Met Red Carpet Looks The annual Met extravaganza is always worth a brow lift or two.  I'm a bit behind this year.  The night was back in May, but I only recently got to see some of the more outrageous outfits.  I hesitate to call them "fashion".  They're not even really haute couture. 

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Will Vampires Never Die?

Will Vampires Never Die? Another recovered, but still relevant, article.  This one from August 2010. -t. Will vampires ever die?  Technically, no they won’t, depending on who you’re reading—unless they get staked, or decapitated.  Sometimes even that’s not enough to kill them.  And that appears to be part of their charm. Something draws us to

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And The 100th Book Is Officially Released: INSIDE MAN

And The 100th Book Is Officially Released INSIDE MAN There has been a lot of hullabaloo about this release, mainly centered around the huge sweepstakes associated with it (which are closed now, sorry!).  A bit later today I will be announcing the winners here on the blog. Right now, though, I'm actually announcing the release

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More Massive Discounts–2 days only!

More Massive Discounts--2 days only! In conjunction with the launch of ​Inside Man​, the 100th book, I’m also doing a massive discount sale on my site for release day and the day after, only.  That's today and tomorrow only. From midnight July 25th to midnight July 26th MDT, here on my site, you can: Buy 2-3 books,

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