Are Print Publishers Really Doomed?

This is a series I wrote and released on this day seven years ago. As it turns out, I was prophetic.  Just about everything I spoke about in this series is more or less the state of the industry right now...or heading there.   For that reason, I'm bringing it forward again, so it doesn't get

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Paper vs Pixels

Last week I asked the readers of my newsletter about print editions -- did they like them, did they prefer them? The ensuing discussion on Facebook was lively and opinion was split nearly evenly both ways.  Some readers can't stand print.  Others love their physical books. Way, way back in 2007 I posted an article

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The Next Phase of Ebook Reading – Multi-Function Devices

Okay, so I got an Android Tablet for Christmas (Asus Infinity, love you, Mark), and finally realized that while cellphone reading is sooooo convenient (it is!), there is something lovely about that full screen, with a laid-out page and actual images embedded where they're supposed to go. I never got the hang of hauling around

How to read Amazon Books Anywhere – No Kindle Needed.

There was a flurry over the weekend -- you may have noticed it -- and it had nothing to do with snow.  This was the second weekend out of three when I am giving away a free ebook on the build up to Christmas, and there was a growing outcry about "But I don't have

Can’t Afford An eReader? How to Read eBooks Now…For Free

eReaders are tumbling in price, but they still represent an investment in money.  And there's the time commitment, too.   I don't know about you, but I dithered for weeks until I finally commited to the Sony reader and the ePub format. Meantime, you're still buying paperbacks that you will have to rebuy in ebook

The Reading Life – A New Trend in eReaders?

I've been feeling sort-of guilty for a few years now because I started reading electronically over ten years ago, first on my Palm Pilot, then on my cellphone.  Then, when dedicated e-readers emerged, I finally thought I'd better put my money where my profession lived, and buy one of the damned things. I didn't actually

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What I’m Reading – A Confession

When it comes time to write these posts, my habit is to open up my reading software on my cellphone -- Kindle, the ePub reader, Acrobat, etc -- and find what it was that I've been reading lately, and report on that. Which puts me in an interesting position this month. First up, I've been

Are Print Books Really Doomed?

This is the second post in a series. Part 1: Are Print Publishers Really Doomed? Part 2: Are Print Books Really Doomed? Part 3: Do I HAVE To Read E-Books? Part 4: Do I Have to Buy Indie Books? _____ Are physical books really going to disappear forever, amen? Not altogether, like dinosaurs. But their

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Are Print Publishers Really Doomed?

This is the first post in a series. Part 1: Are Print Publishers Really Doomed? Part 2: Are Print Books Really Doomed? Part 3: Do I HAVE To Read E-Books? Part 4: Do I Have to Buy Indie Books? _____ Are print publishers really doomed? In a word, no. Oh, the industry is going through

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