First Chapter from Once & Future Hearts Box Two

First Chapter from Once & Future Hearts Box Two As we're two weeks out from the release date of the second boxed set in the Once & Future Hearts series, today, as usual, I'm providing the entire, unedited first chapter from the first book in the series, War Duke of Britain.  Patreon members will also

Her Rebellious Prince’s new home is now on Kindle Unlimited

Her Rebellious Prince's new home is now on Kindle Unlimited If you like your romances meaty, Victorian and plot-rich; and you're also a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, then good news!  Her Rebellious Prince, book 2 of the Scandalous Family - The Victorians Victorian Era Historical Romance Series, is now in Kindle Unlimited and available to download.

Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople — Redux

I first published this post on March 19, 2011.  It was a little post about some of the cool historical research I was doing at the time, for a book I was planning to write that would later become Kiss Across Chains.   This little nugget post ended up being one of the most popular posts on

Why Should Historical Characters Sound Like They’re Speaking Funny In Historical Novels?

This article first appeared on my blog a long, long time ago.  It's still relevant, so I've updated it, with clean links, for the many new blog readers who missed it the first time around -- t. ______________ I was culling some reviews the other day and came across an old one for one of

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The Arthurian Romance With A Funny Title

Within a couple of weeks of arriving in Canada, once the almost permanent headache that came from concentrating so hard on the funny accents had gone away, I came to a startling conclusion. Now that I was in North America, I was free to read and write the wildly different types of romances that you

Ta-Dah! The New Cover for FORBIDDEN! — Win A $100 Visa Gift Card.

Gak! I’ve never done a cover reveal thingy before. This is kinda fun! We wanted to make a bit of fuss over this cover because it’s so damned gorgeous. So, without further ado, here it is, both the print edition and the ebook version: Click on the images to get a full screen view!  

HEART OF VENGEANCE – Historical Romantic Suspense – Now out!

Heart of Vengeance belongs to the Jewels of Tomorrow series. It's actually book 5 of the series, but books 1, 2 and 4 haven't been written yet.  Book 3 is Diana by the Moon, which was released a couple of weeks ago. I've released these two books out of order, but the order of reading

DIANA BY THE MOON – Arthurian Romance novel – Out now!

I've been looking forward to releasing Diana by the Moon under my own imprint.   This is one of my favourite novels - certainly up in the top five, if not higher (I don't ever want to have to rank them properly!) The cover for the previous edition was one I loved -- it captured the

Who Says Vampire Romance Books are Dying?

Who Says Vampire Romance Books are Dying? I don’t know about you, but I keep hearing these rumblings about vampire stories and vampire romances dying out. Back when I was still thought getting a New York book deal was a good idea, and was submitting manuscripts to agents and the odd editor, I was getting

Don’t Forget To Pick Up Your Free Copy of FORBIDDEN

Quick reminder that Forbidden, book one of the Scandalous Sirens series, is free until Sunday. __________ Vaughn wants revenge. Elisa wants her son back. Neither expected to want each other. Elisa’s determined to have her son back at any cost, even if it means marry a vicious stoat of a man like Rufus Wardell, but

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