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Emma Darcy Award winning author of 180+ titles.

…an author I’ll pick up simply because her name is on the cover.
Kristi Ahlers, Amazon.com

…reminded me of why I fell in love with reading in the first place.
M.M. Gwynn, eBookConnections

…touches the heart and makes you feel everything.
Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

…writes books which deserve a place on keeper shelves everywhere!
Julie Bonello, ECataRomance Reviews


I have been writing and publishing romances since 1999 when I sold my first two books in the same week.  I published 35 titles with traditional publishers, including a great many with Ellora’s Cave.

On March 8, 2011, I went indie.  I published my first indie title, Blood Knot.

Since then, I have published well over 180 titles, in a wide range of romance sub-genres including paranormal, urban fantasy, fantasy, historical, romantic suspense, romantic thrillers, science fiction romance, time travel romance, historical fantasy, historical suspense and more.

Browse through my booklists to get a feel for what I write and what you might like.  You can start here.

If you like audio and/or video documentaries, then you may like to listen to the podcasts I have been interviewed for.  They are mostly writing related, but I do spend some time in each of them talking about me and my writing…and you get to see/hear what I look/sound like.  🙂  

Click here for a list of podcasts.

When I tell people I’ve been writing since I was 14 they tend to look at me a little oddly, but it’s quite true. I fell in love with Harrison Ford and Star Wars at the exact same moment, and wrote the unofficial sequel in the following year. Of course, I had Han Solo and Leia falling in love long before the sequel came along, and in much more satisfying fashion than George Lucas ever managed.

What I didn’t realize at the time, and not for another twenty years or so, was that I had been writing fanfic, possibly the first of its kind.

On a completely off-topic side-note, I used to lie awake at night, listening to the Star Wars soundtrack on my record player, and re-playing the movie in my head, fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to somehow be able to play the movie at home, whenever I wanted. Eight years later I saw my first Beta cassette player. It was the size of a small suitcase and weighed 45 pounds. A few years after that I got to buy my first VHS movie – Star Wars. That was a reflective moment in my life.

However, while things have clearly changed over the years since my first bad attempt at getting a hero and heroine together on paper, two things have not. I’m still writing romances, and I’m still throwing my hero and heroine through a fair imitation of hell while they’re sorting their feelings for each other out — the essence of romantic suspense.

But hey, here’s the boring stuff:  I’m Australian, although I live in Canada. I still have the accent, although I’ve been here almost two decades now. And I still have trouble remembering it’s a hood, not a bonnet and stuff like that — you’d be amazed how hard-wired culture really is. It calcifies internally, I think. But the mountains here are stupendous, so I think I’ll stick around. Besides, my husband is kinda cute. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? I met him on the Internet back when it was a few HTML pages and a couple of bulletin boards or two, and me and the kids (three of us) packed up and moved here.

The kids are no longer really kids any more. They’re both taller than me now, but I didn’t say that aloud, okay? I’d still like them to think I’m the boss for a while longer, at least.


Do you like “straight” science fiction and/or fantasy?

I kept this a secret for a very long time, for a number of reasons, but a few wise readers figured it out, and now I’m not participating in the Kindle Unlimited program, there’s no point in hiding the two pen names I’ve been writing under for several years.

Cameron Cooper

Cameron writes science fiction short stories and novels, mostly fun space opera with kick ass main characters and epic scale. Check out Cameron’s site here.

Taylen Carver

Taylen writes all types of fantasy, including a lot of contemporary fantasy (which isn’t quite urban fantasy — there some eye-popping discussions about both on the site). And Taylen is also gearing up to write epic fantasy in the near future. Taylen’s site is here.

Scandalous Scions Box Four out soon!

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