Not The End.

For four years, I have been writing a monthly indie publishing column over at Night Owl Reviews. On December 1, 2016, I published the last column there, called "Not the END".  There were a number of reasons I halted the column there (although it is always possible someone else will pick it up and take

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Indie IS a Business.

Through an unusual set of coincidences and associations, I recently found myself watching a live-streamed international conference for indie authors, as they hosted a variety of panels on different aspects of indie publishing. There was a lot of what I considered to be mealy-mouthed advice handed out, none of it particularly harmful, but guaranteed to

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13 Things I Know About Writing Full Time Now I’m Back to Full Time Again / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0I I wrote "11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Full Time Writing When I First Started Writing Novels" way back in 2009, when I was forced to full time writing by a sudden cessation of revenue.  That's pirate speak for "my job was cut". In January 2013 I

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Poor Richard is 282 Years Old

Benjamin Franklin may be the earliest indie author in North America. He wrote and self-published Poor Richard’s Almanack on this day in 1732, and it was so successful it ran for decades after that, lasting sixteen years. It was considered a best seller, with print runs reaching ten thousand per year. The Almanack contained weather

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Mash – July 7, 2014

A round-up of sites, links and other interesting tidbits I’ve seen and heard lately. Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs This is a wildly inspirational post for any indie author, anywhere. If you're not an author, it's still fascinating reading -- right up there with the posts. If you thought indie publishing was

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Who Says Vampire Romance Books are Dying?

I don’t know about you, but I keep hearing these rumblings about vampire stories and vampire romances dying out. Back when I was still thought getting a New York book deal was a good idea, and was submitting manuscripts to agents and the odd editor, I was getting feedback even then telling me they were

How To Break Into The Erotic Romance Market – 2013 Update

I get asked how to go about getting published in the erotic market almost weekly – usually via private email. I have faithfully answered all those emails over the last few years, despite there already being a lengthy article on the site that answers the question exactly and in detail. (“How To Break Into The

Indie Update at Night Owl Reviews today.

Just a quick reminder that my indie author column launches today over at Night Owl Reviews. See you there!.

Because Indie Legacy Published Books Are Full of Typos

Because Indie Legacy Published Books Are Full of Typos Indie authors have permanently scarred psyches.  They know their books are going to be scrutinized for errors, typos, grammar mistakes, and the most obscure misinterpretations of the English language possible…all to be held up in the air by some rabid indie-critic who will declare triumphantly in

Does Size Matter?

Is bigger really better?  Or is it all in how that short length is used? Five years ago, the most popular sized book being bought at Ellora's Cave was the quickie - short stories under 10K words that sold for less than $4. They sold by the bushel. Ellora's Cave is a lot of things,