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Free Stories

I have for some time now offered a handful of my books for free, as a way for you to sample my work and get to know the type of stories I tell.

A Dangerous Man

A Family Affair

Worlds of Wonder

Three Taps, Then…

The Well of Rnomath

Reading Order Perpetual

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Current BookFunnel Giveaways and Deals

There are always a dozen or more BookFunnel giveaways (mostly) and sales (one or two) happening at any one time.  This is a list of promotion I am currently participating in.  Note:  I may be a day or two late in updating the page.  The best way to stay on top of giveaways is to subscribe to my newsletter, where the news is announced first, and I usually warn when a giveaway is about to close.

Tip:  The bulk of BookFunnel giveaways start and end at the beginning and end of the month.  If you stop by this page a couple of days into each month, you’ll catch up with most of the giveaways.

Tip:  Check the date at the front of the promo’s title.  If we’re not beyond the start date, you won’t be able to access the promo (yet).  Come back to this page after the start date, and you’ll be able to browse the promo after that.  OR join my newsletter and get email reminders.  🙂

Aug15-Sep06 Stock Up on Mystery & Crime Books!

Aug16-Sep16 Sci-Fi Fantastic Free Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Aug27-Sep30 SciFi and Fantasy Bargain Sale 

Aug27-Sep30 SciFi and Fantasy Giveawy

Sep 01 – Sep 15 Art of the Arcane’s Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Giveaway

Sep 02 – Sep 07 Free, 99c, KU Sale Promo for Paranormal & Dark Fantasy

Sep01 – Sep15 Art of the Arcane’s Science Fiction Giveaway

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Sizzling Hot and Steamy Summer Reads

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Kracken Good Fantasy

Sep 01 – Sep 30 A September to Remember

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Autumn Reads Book Fest

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Boxset Bazaar

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Fall Into Love

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Fall into Love and Danger 

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Fall Romantic Suspense Samples

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Historical Romances to fall for

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Reaping Reads

Sep 01 – Sep 30 Romance With Bite ~ September Sale

Sep 01 – Sep 30 September of Space Opera Shenanigans

Sep 01 – Sep 30 September Space Adventure

Sep 01 – Sep 30 September Steamy Paranormal Romance Freebies

Sep 03 – Oct 09 Badass Heroines

Sep 03 – Sep 30 Modern Magic Newsletter Builder

Sep 05 – Oct 05 Fall into Romance

Sep 06 – Oct 31 Fall Romance Reads

Sep 06 – Oct 31 Fall Romance Reads Sale

Sep 06 – Sep 13 Free and 99c Itunes Sale Promotion

Sep 14 – Oct 16 Unreal Reality

Sep 14 – Sep 20 Free to 99c Barnes and Noble Sale

Sep 16 – Oct 15 Otherworldly Portals

Sep 16 – Oct 16 Lovers of the Light

Sep 24 – Sep 27 BIG WEEKEND BLAST September

Sep 27 – Oct 31 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Bargains

Sep 27 – Oct 31 Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveway

Sep 30 – Nov 01 Day of the Dead

Come back in early October, when I’ll have October’s promos listed.


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My Current Giveaways

I usually have one of these running at any time, but they’re often short-lived (a few days only).

The best way to learn about these in a timely manner is to subscribe to my newsletter.

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