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Free Stories

I have for some time now offered a handful of my books for free, as a way for you to sample my work and get to know the type of stories I tell.

A Dangerous Man

A Family Affair

Worlds of Wonder

Three Taps, Then…

The Well of Rnomath

Reading Order Perpetual

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Current BookFunnel Giveaways and Deals

There are always a dozen or more BookFunnel giveaways (mostly) and sales (one or two) happening at any one time.  This is a list of promotion I am currently participating in.  Note:  I may be a day or two late in updating the page.  The best way to stay on top of giveaways is to subscribe to my newsletter, where the news is announced first, and I usually warn when a giveaway is about to close.

Tip:  The bulk of BookFunnel giveaways start and end at the beginning and end of the month.  If you stop by this page a couple of days into each month, you’ll catch up with most of the giveaways.

Aug01-Aug31 August Steamy Paranormal Romance Freebies

Aug01-Aug31 Magic In The Real World

Aug01-Aug31 Up, Up, and Away! Superpowers for Sale

Aug01-Aug31 Friendship – Science Fiction Newsletter List Builder

Aug01-Aug09 Free to 99c Itunes Sale Promo

Aug01-Aug31 Boxsets Galore

Aug01-Aug31 Book-Train Fair

Aug01-Aug31 Erotica/Erotic/Steamy Romance Newsletter Builder

Aug01-Aug31 Howls, Spells, Fangs and dragons Readers Giveaway

Aug01-Aug31 Magic & Rogues

Aug01-Aug31 Romantic Suspense Giveaway

Aug01-Aug31 Science Fiction Invasion

Aug01-Aug31 Summer of Space Opera Shenanigans

Aug01-Sep01 August Romance Bonanza

Aug02-Aug22 Sci-fi In Kindle Unlimited

Aug10-Aug16 Free and 99c Barnes and Noble Sale Promo

Aug13-Aug30 Steamy Paranormal List Builder

Aug15-Aug31 Art of the Arcane’s Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Giveaway

Aug15-Aug31 Art of the Arcane’s Soldiers of SFF Giveaway

Aug15-Aug31 Free and 99c Amazon and Kindle Unlimited Sale Promo

Aug15-Sep06 Stock Up on Mystery & Crime Books!

Aug16-Aug31 Up to 2.99 sale Promotion

Aug16-Sep16 Sci-Fi Fantastic Free Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Aug20-Aug28 Romance Paranormal

Aug27-Sep30 SciFi and Fantasy Bargain Sale 

Aug27-Sep30 SciFi and Fantasy Giveawy

Aug27-Aug30 BIG WEEKEND BLAST August

Come back in early September, when I’ll have September’s promos listed.


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My Current Giveaways

I usually have one of these running at any time, but they’re often short-lived (a few days only).

The best way to learn about these in a timely manner is to subscribe to my newsletter.

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