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Free Stories

I have for some time now offered a handful of my books for free, as a way for you to sample my work and get to know the type of stories I tell.

A Dangerous Man

A Family Affair

Worlds of Wonder

Three Taps, Then…

The Well of Rnomath

Reading Order Perpetual

And for a short while:

Bannockburn Binding

Beth’s Acceptance

Blood Knot

Born of No Man

Carson’s Night

Faring Soul

Greyson’s Doom

Hunting the Kobra

Kiss Across Time

Soul of Sin

Vistaria Has Fallen

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Current BookFunnel Giveaways and Deals

There are always a dozen or more BookFunnel giveaways and sales happening at any one time. This is a list of promotions I am currently participating in. Note: I may be a day or two late in updating the page. The best way to stay on top of giveaways is to subscribe to my newsletter, where the news is announced first, and I usually warn when a giveaway is about to close.

Tip: The bulk of BookFunnel giveaways start and end at the beginning and end o the month. If you stop by this page a couple of days into each month, you’ll catch up with most of the giveaways.

Tip: A “Sale” will also include free books–those titles that are on a Kindle Countdown deal or permanently free on the retail site. Free books included in sales means you don’t have to sign up for the author’s email list to get your copy. 😉

Tip: Check the date at the front of the promo’s title. If we’re not beyond the start date, you won’t be able to access the promo (yet). Come back to this page after the start date, and you’ll be able to browse the promo after that. OR joint my newsletter and get email reminders. 🙂


Compared to previous months’ promotions, there are very few here for November, as I had some personal health issues (here for details, if you’re curious) that prevented me from submitting to the many great Bookfunnel promos that are available each month. I’ll be back to strength in December.

Oct15-Nov15’s Paranormal Freebies (October – November)

Oct16-Nov16 PWF and PNR Romance Bookfair

Oct31-Nov30’s November Free For All

Nov15-Nov30 Holiday Themed Romance Novels

Nov01-Nov30 99c Romance Reads

Nov01-Nov30 Christmas Reads Anytime

Nov01-Nov30 November Pre Order Event

Nov01-Nov30 Romance Anthologies

Nov15-Dec15’s Paranormal Freebies (November – December)

Nov24-Nov28 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Ebook Extravaganza

Nov27-Dec31 Epic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Nov28-Jan13 Romancing Christmas

Come back in early December, when I’ll have most of December’s promos listed.

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My Current Giveaways

I usually have one of these running at any time, but they’re often short-lived (a few days only). The best way to learn about these in a timely manner is to subscribe to my newsletter.

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