Roses, Chinese Food and A Very Different Christmas.

Roses, Chinese Food and A Very Different Christmas. I'm sort-of in mourning at the moment. A few days ago, our provincial government announced mandatory pandemic measure that made it illegal for families to hold indoor gatherings, under penalty of pretty severe fines. Although the measures are "temporary" and will be revisited in three weeks'

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You know that awful cousin of yours?

NEW RELEASE ALERT!! SEE BELOW You know that awful cousin of yours? Have you got a cousin, aunt, uncle, great nephew…someone in your family that you smile politely to whenever you see them, but otherwise avoid them? They don't have anything in common with you, including your values and outlook on life. Yet

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Crime Bundle for the Mystery & Thriller lovers!

Crime Bundle for the Mystery & Thriller lovers! A Storybundle has just been released on Story Bundle that I am participating in. Collection curator Dean Wesley Smith says about the bundle: A TWIST OF THE KNIFE BUNDLE Every Type of Mystery and Crime I love reading mystery and crime stories. I write

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Remembering A Different Way

Remembering A Different Way Because I was raised in Australia, I tend to remember those who fought and fell during times of war on Anzac Day, which is in April. However, over the last few years, especially now I live in North America, Remembrance Day has taken on a greater significance than it ever

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A Halloween Treat for you!

A Halloween Treat for you! It's Halloween!  For those of you who are new since last year, this is the time when I point you all to my one (so far) story that deals specifically with Halloween. Noah always knocked on Aysel’s door the same way, including the last time he knocked,

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Oooh!!! Time Travel! Vampires! Cover Reveal!!

Oooh!!! Time Travel! Vampires! Cover Reveal!! I hinted a couple of weeks ago that I was a bit behind finishing the next book in the Kiss Across Time series. Well, I've finished now (I'm actually already done with the plotting on the *next* book, and onto writing that one), and in the meantime, Dar

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And Now For Something Different!

And Now for Something Different! Phew! We've been talking about King Arthur for quite a while -- through two releases. Now, though, we get to shift gears for a bit. The release date for Their Foreign Affair is coming up super fast, so let me remind you of the book. At the altar, facing marriage

Crazy Crafts and Cover Reveals!

Crazy Crafts and Cover Reveals! My goodness, you are a crafty lot, aren't you? In a recent email, I revealed my big oops making the Gigi Hadid coat, and so many of you emailed me back with: Lots of really good tips on how to avoid such a disaster in the future, and. Requests to

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