Two First-In-Series PNR Deeply Discounted, For Short Time Only

Two First-In-Series PNR Deeply Discounted, For Short Time Only Only until the end of Wednesday, these two first-in-series books are discounted to 99c, on all bookseller sites, including my own. This gives you a very cheap opportunity to check out new-to-you series. Cheers, Buy BLOOD KNOT directly from me, or from your favourite bookseller. Buy BETH'S ACCEPTANCE directly

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series About to Start Filming

IO9 recently reported that Amazon has hired a director to make the first two episodes of their big-budget Lord of the Rings series. At this point in time, that's about all that has been confirmed.  Rumours are elusive and contradictory.  I've heard that the series is to feature Aragorn, in the years before the events

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PNR & SFR Giveaways.

PNR & SFR Giveaways & Deals. More goodies for July. 120 titles, including fantasy romance. July Fantasy Extravaganza The "hot" in the title is to do with the time of the year, not the books on offer, which are all romance, across all spectrums of heat.  So there will be some super-sexy titles on offer.  If

The White-Haired Girl From Witcher…

The White-Haired Girl From Witcher... This is just one of about six teaser graphics I did for the release of High King of Britain, (you can find the rest here, by scrolling down the posts) and I was thrilled about this one in particular, because the model in the stock photo I used to build the

Multiple Release Week Deals!

Multiple Release Week Deals! I'm in love with my characters again. It doesn't always happen with every book, and sometimes, I get invested in a secondary character, who won't shut up, and end up giving him his own story. The only problem with writing in a series set in a universe that is as well

Fantasy Sales Promo

This is not a giveaway of free books, but don't click away too fast -- there are some great books in this promo, and many of them are deeply discounted, including my own very long book, The Branded Rose Prophecy, which is on for 50% off. Sale ends May 8th. Jump to the Fantasy Sales Promo on BookFunnel Cheers,

Lovers of the Light Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance Giveaway

There's some pretty big names in this giveaway, including C. Gokel, Aurora Springer, Brenda Hyatt... If you like your romances with a solid touch of wonder, have at it! Giveaway ends May 20. Jump to the Lovers of the Light BookFunnel Giveaway Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full

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Fantasy Sales Promo

There's a BookFunnel promo running at the moment that is a little different. It's a sale, not a giveaway. All the books in the sale are discounted in some way. My book, The Branded Rose Prophecy, for example, retails for $6.99, because it's a George R.R. Martin length epic. During the sale it's available for

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Equinoctial Arthurian Goodness

Equinoctial Arthurian Goodness Did that title make you blink? The root word for equinoctial is equinox...which is today.  It is the vernal equinox, and from now on, the days will have more sunlight hours than night hours in them. Which is kinda coincidental...but perhaps not. The equinox and solstices play a role in my King