Only three more to go!

Only three more to go! I can't believe that I can see the end of this massively long series from here! I started the Scandalous Scions series on May 11, 2017, with the release of the prequel, Rose of Ebony. In just over two years, there have been 10 books released in the series, the prequel,

Futuristic Romances – Bring ‘em on!

Jenna Ives writes futurist romances that are hot, hot, hot. I recently had a chance to read her Tau Cetus Chronicles, which features…. …sexbots.  :) It’s a very cool idea and makes for some very interesting reading! Meet Jenna: ____________ Thanks, Tracy, for having me on your blog today! Like you, I write Sci Fi

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More Winners!

My two guest authors on Monday both offered goodies to give away to commenters.  My thanks to both Courtney J. Hall and Elysa Hendricks for their generosity. Heidi was the winner of Elysa's Amazon gift card, while Gayle was the winner of Courtney's book. Congratulations to everyone! _________________  

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Winner of the Kristina Knight giveaway.

Kristina Knight kindly offered a copy of her upcoming Harlequin SuperRomance, First Love Again. The winner was Gayle -- congratulations! I am having a lot of guest authors visit over the next few weeks, and many of them are graciously offering giveaways.  So stay tuned! Cheers, Tracy

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Elysa Returns

I’m sure you’ll remember Elysa Hendricks. She was featured here on the blog a few weeks ago. Remember the great paranormal of hers: I wanted to squeeze in her paranormal book, but the blog schedule wouldn’t allow a full interview. But now I’ve had the chance to fillet Elysa properly. Elysa writes historicals, paranormals and

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Romantic Historicals

Today, I have two guest authors for you to meet. A result of demand + my oops! Please give both ladies your attention – there’s some good stuff to discover here. Courtney J. Hall writes what she calls “novels with romantic elements”. I personally interpret that to mean “damned good story, and a romance, too!”

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Sassy Contemporaries

My guest author today is Kristina Knight. She is a former journalist and writes what she describes as “sassy contemporary romance novels”. She is also an Amazon Best Selling author. Kristina is very kindly offering one of her romances as a giveaway. See details below. Meet Kristina! _________ Who are your favourite authors? Gosh, there

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Guest Author Joanie MacNeil – and a Giveaway

Today, please welcome Joanie MacNeil, an Australian author of contemporary romances. Joanie is very kindly offering up one of her books as a giveaway.  Details below. Meet Joanie MacNeil: ________ Thanks for guesting on my blog! Thanks Tracy. It is a pleasure to be here. Who are your favourite authors? My bookshelves house a range

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Kiss Across Deserts is out–and the Kobo winner is…

Kiss Across Deserts, book 4 in the Kiss Across Time series, was released last Friday, and it’s been a meteoric weekend… Here’s some reader review quotes! This series just keeps getting more and more interesting! this series has enthralled me with all of its complexities, the wonderful characters and possibilities I was so excited when