…*made* it! (And why it isn’t “phew!”)

...*made* it! (And why it isn't "phew!")   One of the benefits that the new world of indie publishing gives to you, as a reader, is not exactly obvious on the surface. You have to know a bit about the publishing world to realize how awesome and amazing indie publishing really is. So let me

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A Heroine’s Journey

A Heroine's Journey There's something satisfying about a story that ends up back where it started, and you get to see how everything has actually changed as a result of the story itself. One of my favourite parts of Lord of the Rings is when all the hobbits return to the Shire. I love seeing how different

We’re Getting Close To The End…

We're Getting Close To The End...! I just returned from Calgary a few days ago, where I attended the When Words Collide conference. It's my third year, and I did a lot of running around, participating in panels and conducting workshops. I made a rather large ooops, though. I left my flat shoes at home. Which wouldn't be

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