You know that awful cousin of yours?

NEW RELEASE ALERT!! SEE BELOW You know that awful cousin of yours? Have you got a cousin, aunt, uncle, great nephew…someone in your family that you smile politely to whenever you see them, but otherwise avoid them? They don't have anything in common with you, including your values and outlook on life. Yet

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And Now For Something Different!

And Now for Something Different! Phew! We've been talking about King Arthur for quite a while -- through two releases. Now, though, we get to shift gears for a bit. The release date for Their Foreign Affair is coming up super fast, so let me remind you of the book. At the altar, facing marriage

Crazy Crafts and Cover Reveals!

Crazy Crafts and Cover Reveals! My goodness, you are a crafty lot, aren't you? In a recent email, I revealed my big oops making the Gigi Hadid coat, and so many of you emailed me back with: Lots of really good tips on how to avoid such a disaster in the future, and. Requests to

Launch Alert! A New Massive Box Set for a Limited Time Massive Discount!

Launch Alert! A New Massive Box Set for a Limited Time Massive Discount!   I've been getting a lot of recipes! Thank you for those! I'll be sorting through them for the next few weeks. Here's one that sounds like a never-fail, using pantry ingredients only. For the gluten free crowd, I would swap out

Historical Romance Cover Reveal!

Historical Romance Cover Reveal! I got an email from a reader in Thailand the other day. She says that the street of Bangkok, which used to be permanently log-jammed with traffic, are now empty. The smog has lifted, too. It’s not just Times Square. We really are a global village now, aren’t we? I’ve got

Even more different…

Even more different... There we go. Now that the first book in the new historical romance series is out (His Parisian Mistress, which came out last Thursday, in case you missed it) -- now I can talk about Book 2. That was the other reason I was twitchy about no pre-order for the first book.

Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform…what’s not to love?

Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform...what's not to love? We seem to be in a romantic suspense season right now.  It's everywhere! I really can't believe the Vistaria Has Fallen series ended more than a year ago, but there you go.  It's been a year. So...a little snippet from one of the books in the upcoming

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Spies and Sexy Times — Upcoming Romantic Suspense!

Spies and Sexy Times -- Upcoming Romantic Suspense!   A snippet and a gentle reminder that Heart Strike, Book 3 of the Project Kobra romantic espionage thriller series, is on pre-order and will be released January 30 everywhere. If you order directly from me, you get your copy a week earlier. Here's the promised snippet: EXCERPT FROM HEART

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I’m Featured on Apple Books!

I'm Featured on Apple Books! ______________________________________________________ If you buy your books on Apple Books (formerly iBooks), then check out my two pre-order titles, that are featured in Apple's Next Up In Romance promo! The one at the top is Heart Strike, book 3 of the Project Kobra romantic spy thriller series. The one beneath is Flesh + Blood,

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