Ta-Dah! The New Cover for FORBIDDEN! — Win A $100 Visa Gift Card.

Gak! I’ve never done a cover reveal thingy before. This is kinda fun!

We wanted to make a bit of fuss over this cover because it’s so damned gorgeous.

So, without further ado, here it is, both the print edition and the ebook version:

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Click on the images to get a full screen view!

Forbidden print flat



So…what do you think? Great, huh?

Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

To celebrate the new look, we wanted to do something with Forbidden. We figured an ethical bribe would be just fine by you (who doesn’t want $100 to spend?).

Here are the details on the contest to win yourself a shopping spree:

1)      Read Forbidden, if you haven’t already. (I know, reading a romance is such a hardship…).

2)      Leave a review on Amazon, at this page: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009EFS1YE.

  1. We really need the review to be on the Amazon.com page, not Amazon.UK/AU/DE, etc. Putting the review on the central US site lets it filter down to all the other international sites, but it doesn’t work in reverse.

3)      Send either Julia (http://juliatempleton.com/contact/) or me (Tracy@TracyCooperPosey.com) the link to your review.

  1. Again, it’s very important you send us the link. As many reviewers don’t put their contact email or real name on their reviews, we have no way to know who you are if your review is pulled out of the hat and you haven’t sent us the link via email. The email you send us with the link will give us your name and email address and links them both directly to the review, so there is no chance we’ll mix up who wrote what review.The email also lets you keep your reviewer identity on Amazon private, if you prefer. We won’t tell anyone who you are.

4)      If you are one of the ten people who read and reviewed the book previously (thank you!), send us the link to your review, too (so we know who you are). We’ll put you into the draw as well.

  1. If you are a professional reviewer who has written a review somewhere other than Amazon, but you want in on the contest, please add your review to the Amazon page and send us the link. You can also send us the link to your review site where the review first appeared, and we’ll acknowledge your review on the book’s page on our sites.

5)      Contest closes at midnight MST on Sunday June 22nd. The winner will be chosen by random number generator and contacted immediately.   Then we’ll announce the winner on our blogs/social pages, on Monday, June 23rd.

That’s it! Good luck!

Tracy & Julia


PS: Tell us what you think of the new cover in comments!

2 thoughts on “Ta-Dah! The New Cover for FORBIDDEN! — Win A $100 Visa Gift Card.”

  1. Welllll. Concerning the new “Forbidden” cover, I absolutely love the way Elisa is depicted in her beatutiul purple gown with her lovely blonde hair, but I’m afraid that Vaughn is lacking. The first cover shows Vaughn as I felt he was described in the book “….sensuality and animal magnetism…” is much better shown in the first book cover. Each of those together would have been HOT, HOT.

    1. It’s a shame we couldn’t transport him over, Dina! However, that dress was too much to pass up!



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