Guess What Day It Is Today?

Toa Heftiba Today is International Chocolate Day. You should absolute celebrate that!  Preferably with a good book, and a really good cup of tea or coffee (chocolate goes brilliantly with both). Did you know that chocolate --especially dark chocolate with high cacoa content and little or no diary--has health benefits?  It's good for

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International Left-Handers Day

Today is International Left-Handed Day. What I want to know is, when is it International Right-Handed Day? Being left-handed was once a curse.  It was considered a sign of the devil.  Left-handers were treated with mild suspicion at best.  I’ve used this a couple of times in historical novels and my time travel novels, particularly

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International Cat Day

As if all the cat images on Facebook wasn't a perpetual Cat Day... However, I love cats.  My coffee cup tells me so. Some famous writers who are/were cat lovers includes Robert Heinlein, who managed to write cats as characters into some of his novels, including To Sail Beyond The Sunset (one of my favourites): Notice the

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  I ran this post eight years ago, in 2011. How time flies! As rumours seem to continue about a possible remake of the movie (starring Hugh Jackman is Rhett Butler, Yum!!), the interest in Gone With The Wind continues. --t. Gone With The Wind, a romance movie staple, is 74 years old today.  How long since

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It’s National Donut Day

Igor Ovsyannykov Today is National Donut (or Doughnut) Day in the USA, which I think is pretty cool.  Not because America has a national day for doughy round dietary disasters, but the reason for the day is interesting. Of course, there's history attached to it.  D'uh. The Salvation Army actually founded National Donut

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And Now, Wine.

Jez Timms A week ago, I wrote a post about World Whisky Day. My father-in-law, who is a Glenfiddich aficionado, and who also likes Canadian Rye, demanded to know why I didn't inform him of the event so he could properly mark the occasion.  I also got a lesson on how Canadian Rye

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Sometimes, internal industry shenanigans spill out to where the public can see it.  This is one of those times. Recently, an author registered and trademarked the word "cocky". Then she contacted every author who had the word "cocky" in their book titles or subtitles or on the cover anywhere and threatened them with legal action

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Time to sip a toddy or two!

terricks noah Today is World Whisky Day, which is an excellent excuse to sip drop or two. A Hot Toddy, by the way, is hot whisky with honey in it -- a purely medicinal version of the liquor, I'm assured! Whisky was invented by the Scots, and if it is produced in Scotland, it