Even Websters Dictionary can have typos!

Dmitry Ratushny We're all used to seeing typos and grammar mistakes in published work. Although, we tend to trust dictionaries completely.  They're the ultimate authority for publishers, authors, and Scrabble players. Yet, even Websters has been known to oops. On this day in 1939, it was discovered that the Websters New International Dictionary,

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International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

"Ice Cream for Breakfast Day" by Anita Ritenour - https://www.flickr.com/photos/puliarfanita/12459923974/in/photolist-9VEAyv-jZ3niq-jZ3npC-nn7mnu-nM1bm5-3QKPDC-h5Esdu-ae6h61-5Sdp57-ojKr1J-4b6oHD-erT4GW-k5zP6V-meVwQB-dVaHSN-8jEaxv-8iBGvU-8vk9tj-4CbNds. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ice_Cream_for_Breakfast_Day.jpg#/media/File:Ice_Cream_for_Breakfast_Day.jpg Tomorrow is Ice Cream for Breakfast day, so I'm giving you a heads-up today, so you can stock up. Is there a better excuse for ice cream than this? Enjoy!    

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Poke Stop, Books Go

Did you get caught up in the craze, too?  Although, it seems that Pokemon Go might be one of those instant-instantly-dead fads, if reports are to be believed. Not quite every country in the world went Pokemon hunting, either.   In Belgium, a high school teacher was inspired by Pokemon Go to build another virtual hunting

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The Google Just Got More Distraction-Rich.

If you played around with any of the cool stuff Google can do when I reported it a few weeks ago, and discovered at least one useful tool out of it, I'm about to cancel out that efficiency in one swift kick. :) If you type "solitaire" into Google, Google will pop the game up

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Ask Me Anything…Really, Anything (this time)

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