Military Romantic Suspense Giveaway, to the 17th only!

Until November 17, there is a bunch of military romantic suspense novels by various authors being offered on BookFunnel. My own Vistaria Has Fallen is among them. And you bet I'll be picking up the others! Enjoy! Click to jump to the BookFunnel giveaway! Cheers, . Get the news that no one else does. Sign

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Somehow, I’ll Get This Into A Story!

I'm not entirely sure how I found this one.  Not sure how I'm going to use it, either. A Russian fisherman, Roman Fedortsov, has an Instagram account where he posts images of the creatures he and his fellow fisherman find in their nets.  They trawl far and deep, and some of the life in the

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Day of the Dead

"Halloween" just slides off the tongue.  When you read the word or hear it, you think kids, silly costumes, pumpkins and candy.  Or, if you have my addiction, you think, "candy, candy, candy, candy, candy...!" The word Halloween, though, is a shortened form of "All Hallows' Eve".  That is, the evening before All Hallows' Day...or,

Free Halloween Candy For You!

Tony Hernandez It's Halloween! I can't resist the fun of Halloween.  Even though I've learned to resist the copious quantities of sugar everywhere, the creepy supernatural origins of the day fit right in with paranormal themed...everything. I can't hand out candy on the Interweb...not this century.  But I can hand out different goodies.

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The Official 100.

_HealthyMond . I think I might get used to this.   Monday's Facebook Live session (here and here on YouTube, too, or just click on the embedded video, below) was not nearly the same stress-inducing, get-me-out-of-here experience as the first week.  I actually managed to relax a bit. One of the questions I failed

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What I Bought Lately.

I don't usually go on spending sprees but lately, I have been dropping a few dollars (which is quite a few dollars in Canadian currency) on some stuff you might find interesting. Come and check out my stash at 2pm MST this Monday, on Facebook Live -- I'll host the video on my author page. I'll

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I Survived!

  I didn't melt, either. It took me 24 hours to recover--huge munchies and biiiiig sleep, afterwards! Yes, I survived my first Facebook Live session!  Click here to see the replay. I will be running the sessions every Monday from now on.  If you'd like to download and save an appointment for them to your

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Guess What Day It Is Today?

Toa Heftiba Today is International Chocolate Day. You should absolute celebrate that!  Preferably with a good book, and a really good cup of tea or coffee (chocolate goes brilliantly with both). Did you know that chocolate --especially dark chocolate with high cacoa content and little or no diary--has health benefits?  It's good for

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International Left-Handers Day

Today is International Left-Handed Day. What I want to know is, when is it International Right-Handed Day? Being left-handed was once a curse.  It was considered a sign of the devil.  Left-handers were treated with mild suspicion at best.  I’ve used this a couple of times in historical novels and my time travel novels, particularly

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