Thrilling Thrillers – 40% Off, 3 days left!!

Kobo are having a 40% off Thrillers sale, that includes all the subgenres, including Romantic Suspense. My Thrilling Affair boxed set is part of the sale. This is a lightning fast promo -- be warned!  It ends in three days. To take advantage of the discount, head over to Kobo's Thriller Sales Page.  Thrilling Affair is listed under the

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Free AND Pretty

There are tons and tons of "Greatest Books" lists out there.  The Google gave me these, right off the top: Modern Library's 100 Best Novels (Although they don't supplied a criteria in any way) Wikipedia's Lists of 100 Best Books (They didn't even try to stop at just one list). There are many, many more

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More On Inbox Zero

If you're following my Inbox Sanity series, and perhaps trying to apply the principles I'm offering, then you might be interested in The Inbox Zero Challenge that Asian Efficiency are offering, starting in September. These guys are all productivity nuts gurus that put geeky little me to shame.  If you really want to maximize the

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All The Fun of a Coffee Shop Without the Calories

Like a lot of authors, I listen to music when I'm writing. It's a way of short-circuiting the internal editor, which has trouble shutting up. When writing first draft, I don't want my always-vigilant editor yammering at me about how I just inserted another Oxford comma, that the sentence I just wrote is passive and

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End of an Era…er…Series. :)

If you read the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere for Sabrina's Clan, which came out last Thursday, there is a lot of weeping and rending of garments because it is the last book in the series. I've also had some "interesting" email direct from readers demanding requesting I write more books in the series. This

Pretty Things.

  I saw a fashion blog headline the other day that just made me laugh.  I don't have it anymore, but I can paraphrase it: Ten Essential Must-Buys for Your Fall 2016 Wardrobe! Sounds perfectly normal -- you see headlines like this all the time. The things that struck me as hilarious were: That I

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