…*made* it! (And why it isn’t “phew!”)

...*made* it! (And why it isn't "phew!")   One of the benefits that the new world of indie publishing gives to you, as a reader, is not exactly obvious on the surface. You have to know a bit about the publishing world to realize how awesome and amazing indie publishing really is. So let me

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The Shot Heard Around the Publishing World

This was going to be a simple Mash post, but it ended up I had so much to say about AuthorEarnings.com, I turned it into a dedicated post just on the tornado that is ripping through the publishing world. A few weeks ago, super-sonically successful indie author Hugh Howey (author of Wool, amongst others) launched a

Indie Update at Night Owl Reviews today.

Just a quick reminder that my indie author column launches today over at Night Owl Reviews. See you there!.

My Life/Working Notes – October 8, 2012

I don't normally like to post another Working Notes so close to the last, but it's been one of those months -- very busy and lots happening to talk about. First up:  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone visiting or living in Canada.  Frankly, I can't believe it's October already.  I just finished with January.... Secondly:  All

Refashioning, Frugality and the New Poor…Indie Reading Is Part of The New Sexy.

You know when the threes start happening?  You won't have heard about her in months, but suddenly in one day three different people will be talking about Jessica Simpson -- all three totally unrelated stories about her?  Or you move through your day and see a picture of a Tessler on an advertisement on line,

Because Indie Legacy Published Books Are Full of Typos

Because Indie Legacy Published Books Are Full of Typos Indie authors have permanently scarred psyches.  They know their books are going to be scrutinized for errors, typos, grammar mistakes, and the most obscure misinterpretations of the English language possible…all to be held up in the air by some rabid indie-critic who will declare triumphantly in

Friday’s Mash

Goodies I've found from chatting and cruising this week: Interesting Posts/Articles Thirty-Two Shades of Green!!! Erotic Romance writer Sahara Kelly's reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey My Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner! For all the frugalists out there. Top 1,000 Romance Novels of All Time  Interesting in an intellectual way only.  I lost faith in the list

I’m at Vampire Romance Books today, talking about Indie Authors

In the swirling whirliegig that is publishing, these days, indie authors and indie publishing is the newly-emerging cottage industry...or is it the way of things to come? I get to wrap up Indie Author month at Vampire Romance Books with an overview of Indie Publishing today. Have your say. After all, indie publishing is an


Just a quick note to let you know that my latest release, the contemporary romance  An Inconvenient Lover, is out in paperback at Amazon. I had to mention it because a) the cover is just so stunning (thank you, Dar Albert!), and it looks even better in the print edition, and b) this

Working Notes – What’s Up Round Up: In The Mail, Too.

As I'm quietly and steadily working my way through Blood Stone, and the weekend started out with an empty email in-tray, and nothing moving on Facebook or anywhere else, I thought this was going to be one of those bulletins where I would have nothing to report, except for progress. But Sunday, which is usually

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