Time travel as tourism…where would you go?

This is another long post that ran in conjunction with the release of Bannockburn Binding (the individual book, not the series boxed set that was released a few weeks ago!). The blog where it appeared has long gone. (Yet I'm still here.  There's a sobering thought.) I'm preserving the post here, instead.  -- t. I’ve been

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Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople — Redux

I first published this post on March 19, 2011.  It was a little post about some of the cool historical research I was doing at the time, for a book I was planning to write that would later become Kiss Across Chains.   This little nugget post ended up being one of the most popular posts on

The Fall of Rome

If you're not a super hot fan of history, or a nerd like me, you may never have wondered where the eras like "ancient" and "medieval" and "modern" officially start and stop -- or even if they have official points in time where you can stick a pin and say "there, that's where it changes

Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople

It was probably inevitable I end up writing time travel romances.  I've never been able to write anything else but romances, even when I was supposedly writing mysteries.  Add in the fact that a) I'm a history nut,  b) the historical romance market is all but dead in the water and c) time

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