Free Halloween Candy For You!

Tony Hernandez It's Halloween! I can't resist the fun of Halloween.  Even though I've learned to resist the copious quantities of sugar everywhere, the creepy supernatural origins of the day fit right in with paranormal themed...everything. I can't hand out candy on the Interweb...not this century.  But I can hand out different goodies.

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Short Science Fiction Story, Totally Free From Kobo, No Strings!

I guess the title of the post says everything I need to say. Kobo is running a promotion for a week, during which they are giving away my prequel novelette, Flying Blind, the first book in The Indigo Reports straight science-fiction series. This is interesting timing, because I’ve had several emails from readers asking about

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Heart of Vengeance Free on Kobo For A Short Time.

For Kobo readers, Kobo are running a free title promotion for a few days, for Mysteries and Thrillers. My book, Heart of Vengeance, is part of the promotion, which looks odd at first.  However, despite having "historical romance" slathered all over it the novel is, in fact, a romantic suspense that also happens to be set

Vistaria Has Fallen-Book 1 Romantic Suspense, now free everywhere, always.

Even though I don't put my books into Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, I did manage to make the first book in the Vistaria Has Fallen series free a few times here and there, mostly on Kobo, over the last few months. Kobo are running a promo for Vistaria Has Fallen again, but in the meantime, I have permanently dropped

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VISTARIA HAS FALLEN Free on Kobo Until the 22nd.

For Kobo readers, the first book in the Vistaria Has Fallen series, which is also called Vistaria Has Fallen, is free today and until April 22nd (Sunday). The Kobo promotion page is here, and Vistaria Has Fallen is listed under the Thrillers and Mysteries. Here is more detail about Vistaria Has Fallen, including an excerpt. Cheers, Get the

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VISTARIA HAS FALLEN Free on Kobo for the Next Six Days Only.

If you've been humming and hawing about giving the Vistaria Has Fallen series a try, now you have no reason to dither. For the next six days [until the end of March 25, 2018], the first book in the series, also called Vistaria Has Fallen, is free to download via Kobo's Free Ebooks page.  It's listed

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FARING SOUL Free on Kobo for the Next 6 Days Only.

Kobo are offering Faring Soul, the award winning first book of the science fiction romance series, Interspace Origins, free on their site only for the next week. This is the perfect opportunity to test run a new series -- especially if you've wanted to try science fiction romance. SFR Galaxy Award 2015 Winner Rumors emerge that

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Romance So Hot It’s Cool

Kimberly Dean is my guest author today, and the last guest for the year. Kimberly writes erotic romantic suspense, and there's a special deal at the end of her interview.  Let's get to know Kimberly. ___________ Who are your favourite authors? Linda Howard, Nalini Singh, J.R. Ward, JK Rowling, Sandra Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Karen Robards

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Freebies For the Month

So what's good and free right now...? Mine, All Mine (Fated for Love Book 1) by Ella J. Quince #1 in Regency Romance right now. ____ And I just have to add this in here, too.  Forbidden, as I write this post, is *#6*.  That's very cool.  Look! ________ The Duke and the Dryad (Elemental

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