Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople — Redux

I first published this post on March 19, 2011.  It was a little post about some of the cool historical research I was doing at the time, for a book I was planning to write that would later become Kiss Across Chains.   This little nugget post ended up being one of the most popular posts on

…and Science Fiction Romance is Back On the Table (Among Other Genres).

In the last few weeks I have been holding a discussion with my readers via the newsletter, about what they want to read. The discussion was sparked by Street Team members telling me I was wrong to stop writing Science Fiction Romance. That gave me pause, because my Street Team are a microcosm of my

Now out in print!  Super hot Romantic Suspense.

As a rule, I prefer to do a general, normal post in between posts about my books, but lately, there's just been way too much news to share. So, another announcement, today. Ningaloo Nights is a novella length romantic suspense set in Ningaloo, Western Australia. Generally, only Australians and travellers who have been to parts

Uh-Oh…Now I’ve Done It.

I couldn't help myself.  I did it again. What, do you ask? I set a book in Canada.  In the Rockies.  Again. Can't help myself.  I have to break out every now and again and put in a bloody great rock or two as a backdrop. :) For those of you familiar with the Destiny's

Gargoyle Sweat…Delivered.

A few days ago I was talking about how Carson's Night came to be, and promised the full story later. I've updated and re-uploaded the article, "The Blood, Sweat and Gritty-Eyed Truth Behind Carson’s Night", and linked it to the Articles page, which is looking pretty empty right now -- updating and uploading articles will

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Kiss Across Time Book 5 – KISS ACROSS KINGDOMS – Cover!!!

If you've been following the series to date, you'll be pleased to know that Alexander, Sydney and Rafael are back...and now time is screwing up their lives, as well as Veris', Brody's and Taylor's.  Oh yes, and Marit is back, too. What do you think of the cover? Kiss Across Kingdoms will be released on

Blood Revealed…Cover Revealed!

I know there are many of you patiently waiting for book 4 of the Blood Stone series - Blood Revealed. Ta da! It's coming very soon. March 3, actually. And here's the cover!! Tell me what you think! ________ Click here for more about Blood Revealed. Click here for more about the Blood Stone series.

Futuristic Romances – Bring ‘em on!

Jenna Ives writes futurist romances that are hot, hot, hot. I recently had a chance to read her Tau Cetus Chronicles, which features…. …sexbots.  :) It’s a very cool idea and makes for some very interesting reading! Meet Jenna: ____________ Thanks, Tracy, for having me on your blog today! Like you, I write Sci Fi

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Scandalous Sirens Book 3 — Perilous Princess

The Scandalous Sirens series has been a runaway success for me and Julia Templeton, who co-wrote the first two books with me.  So it seemed fitting to finish the series. Julia now concentrates on YA paranormals, writing as J.A. Templeton, so I wrote the third and final book by myself, with Julia's blessing. We've been

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