Two New Romance Novel Giveaways

Two New Romance Novel Giveaways There are a lot of giveaways happening this month!  Here's the first two: Menage and more, in all the sub-genres, including paranormal romance. Runs to the end of March. Reverse Harem Heat Giveaway Over 150 books offered, in all romance sub-genres. Spring Romance Reads Giveaway Cheers, . Take my stories

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I hope you have a wonderful day with family, friends and loved ones. Peace and joy to you.  

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You Like Zombies, I Like Volcanos

Pedro Lastra   I really don't like zombie fiction.  I haven't watched any of the zombie movies or TV shows.  Even the shows that feature pseudo-zombies (disease or infection that turn people into brain dead cannibals) have me reaching for the remote pretty quickly.  I don't know why, exactly, I don't like 'em. 

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Tall Heroes In History? Hang on…

  Like skyscapers going viral in Dubai, "tall" is a modern phenomenon.  Man has grown four inches higher in just the last 100 years. If the cause was genetics, that would be a freaky-fast change, but the causes are actually far more prosaic:  Better food, absence of disease, and a social preference for height, which

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What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Found Inside A Book?

Atlas Obscura recently posted about strange things found inside books. What's the strangest thing you've ever found? I have found other people's homework notes, letters and strange bookmarks.  Dead bugs.  Pressed flowers -- especially those I've pressed myself and forgotten about.  (And my, they bring back memories!) I think the strangest thing I've ever found

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Exclusive Contemporary Romance Boxed Set Now Available.

.   Aren't they fantastic covers? Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs rebuilt my two contemporary romance covers and gave them a fresh, gorgeous new update. While I was updating the covers, I also thought:  Why not put them into a boxed set? So I did.   Both contemporary romance novels by Tracy Cooper-Posey, boxed together

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Weird and Unexpected Blogs I Follow

  When you ask to join a Facebook group, the administrators get a thumbnail breakdown of who you are, and what other groups you belong to, to help them decide if they will approve your membership or not. I run two groups and regularly "vet" requests to join.  What I find the most interesting about

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A Real, Living and Gorgeous Tunnel of Love

  An absolutely gorgeous and haunting railway track in the Ukraine. The tunnel was formed by letting the trees grow up around the three-times-daily train, with only the passage of the train to trim them.  Now the tunnel fits around the train perfectly. Even in winter, this place is delightful:   Evocative...and absolutely will show

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#1 Victorian Historical Romance This Week

  #1 in Victorian Historical Romance this week* When Lady Philomena Housley finds herself proposed to by the Marquess of Durham, she only hesitates a day before agreeing- never mind that she's never met the gentleman in her life. Get at your favourite retailer. [*Taken from best seller charts, but link is for all international

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