Two + Two 20% off *Everything* Sale, now starting!

…and we're back to the end of the month.  Lordy, it's scary how fast it comes around. It's the SRP last two days + first two days of the month 20% of Everything sale.  Everything (including pre-orders, boxed sets, literally everything) is on sale for the next four days, ending at midnight MDT on

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Big Ass Ships!

Big Ass Ships! Research for books can lead you into some very strange areas.  Recently I found myself reading up about the monster Transatlantic passenger ships build in the late Victoria and Edwardian periods.  The most famous of those is the HMS Titanic, but the Titanic  was one of the last of the big ships

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50% off EVERYTHING for SRP’s Birthday Month! Four Days only.

50% off EVERYTHING for SRP's Birthday Month! Four Days only. Yeah, you read it right. 50% of everything on Stories Rule Press, for four days. This is our usual monthly sale, but with an extra kick, because nearly every author at Stories Rule Press has a birthday in February. Actually, it's even more intense

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The first truly new series in *two years*.

The first truly new series in two years. I gotta admit, I had a lot of fun writing The Requisite Courage. Those of you who are subscribed to either the romantic suspense channel or the historical romance channel already know the long, convoluted reasons why I structured the new series the way I did, and

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20% of Absolutely Everything, 4 days only.

Holy carpal tunnel!  Febuary is right around the corner! We authors at Stories Rule Press are running our 20% off sale once more.  This is a chance for you to massively save on your fiction. You can get 20% off everything in the store, even if it's already discounted, including all boxed sets and

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Off the beaten track.

Off the beaten track. The next book up to be released is a little bit different.  Okay, it's a lot different. But really, not so much. And yeah, let me explain that. I've been writing romances and publishing them since 1999.  I'm a fast writer, so that is a LOT of romances.  In 2018, I

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Hammering in an outlier – Tristan and Iseult

Hammering in an outlier - Tristan and Iseult Happy New Year! The story about Tristan and Iseult appears very late in the evolution of the Arthurian myths, and some experts say that it was only included as a morality tale, to warn Christians about the dangers of straying from the marital bed, as the story

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First Chapter of the next King Arthur romance!

First Chapter of the next King Arthur romance! It's Christmas Eve!! We've got a full round of video phone calls to make tomorrow, along with the turkey and eggnog and other delights. And I have stuff for you, too. Watch for an email from me tomorrow. ;) In the meantime, today is actually Thursday (which

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Why buy from me?

Why buy from me? It's 100% for sure that you buy your ebooks from one of the four big retailers; Amazon, Apple, B&N or Kobo. But do you only buy your books on one of those stores? A great many readers won't consider buying a book anywhere else but their retailer.  There's a ton of

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