20% off All Books at SRP

20% off All Books at SRP Stories Rule Press are having their monthly 20% off everything sale. ​This runs for four days only, the last two days of the month and the first two days of the next month, and any titles they sell are fair game, including those already on sale. They currently sell

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Lemme tease you a little!

Lemme tease you a little! Phew! All that email migration stuff has really knocked me out of my usual routine. I'm scrambling a bit, but wanted to tell you about…well, lemme just tell you, huh?​ I can't get too specific right now, because I'm so far behind in my writing, that the release date for

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Wow…been a while. Miss Me?

Wow... Been a while. Miss me? Couldn't resist the subject line, sorry!  I'm on my umpty-umpth repeat of the entire Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock  series, and all I can hear is Andrew Scott's brilliant Moriarty saying "Miss me?  Miss me?  Miss me?" on a thousand different screens. Promotional image created by and for BBC Sherlock

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Two New Romance Novel Giveaways

Two New Romance Novel Giveaways There are a lot of giveaways happening this month!  Here's the first two: Menage and more, in all the sub-genres, including paranormal romance. Runs to the end of March. Reverse Harem Heat Giveaway Over 150 books offered, in all romance sub-genres. Spring Romance Reads Giveaway Cheers, . Take my stories

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I hope you have a wonderful day with family, friends and loved ones. Peace and joy to you.  

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You Like Zombies, I Like Volcanos

Pedro Lastra   I really don't like zombie fiction.  I haven't watched any of the zombie movies or TV shows.  Even the shows that feature pseudo-zombies (disease or infection that turn people into brain dead cannibals) have me reaching for the remote pretty quickly.  I don't know why, exactly, I don't like 'em. 

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Tall Heroes In History? Hang on…

  Like skyscapers going viral in Dubai, "tall" is a modern phenomenon.  Man has grown four inches higher in just the last 100 years. If the cause was genetics, that would be a freaky-fast change, but the causes are actually far more prosaic:  Better food, absence of disease, and a social preference for height, which

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What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Found Inside A Book?

Atlas Obscura recently posted about strange things found inside books. What's the strangest thing you've ever found? I have found other people's homework notes, letters and strange bookmarks.  Dead bugs.  Pressed flowers -- especially those I've pressed myself and forgotten about.  (And my, they bring back memories!) I think the strangest thing I've ever found

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Exclusive Contemporary Romance Boxed Set Now Available.

.   Aren't they fantastic covers? Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs rebuilt my two contemporary romance covers and gave them a fresh, gorgeous new update. While I was updating the covers, I also thought:  Why not put them into a boxed set? So I did.   Both contemporary romance novels by Tracy Cooper-Posey, boxed together

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