You Like Zombies, I Like Volcanos

Pedro Lastra   I really don't like zombie fiction.  I haven't watched any of the zombie movies or TV shows.  Even the shows that feature pseudo-zombies (disease or infection that turn people into brain dead cannibals) have me reaching for the remote pretty quickly.  I don't know why, exactly, I don't like 'em. 

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Tall Heroes In History? Hang on…

  Like skyscapers going viral in Dubai, "tall" is a modern phenomenon.  Man has grown four inches higher in just the last 100 years. If the cause was genetics, that would be a freaky-fast change, but the causes are actually far more prosaic:  Better food, absence of disease, and a social preference for height, which

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What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Found Inside A Book?

Atlas Obscura recently posted about strange things found inside books. What's the strangest thing you've ever found? I have found other people's homework notes, letters and strange bookmarks.  Dead bugs.  Pressed flowers -- especially those I've pressed myself and forgotten about.  (And my, they bring back memories!) I think the strangest thing I've ever found

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Exclusive Contemporary Romance Boxed Set Now Available.

.   Aren't they fantastic covers? Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs rebuilt my two contemporary romance covers and gave them a fresh, gorgeous new update. While I was updating the covers, I also thought:  Why not put them into a boxed set? So I did.   Both contemporary romance novels by Tracy Cooper-Posey, boxed together

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Weird and Unexpected Blogs I Follow

  When you ask to join a Facebook group, the administrators get a thumbnail breakdown of who you are, and what other groups you belong to, to help them decide if they will approve your membership or not. I run two groups and regularly "vet" requests to join.  What I find the most interesting about

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A Real, Living and Gorgeous Tunnel of Love

  An absolutely gorgeous and haunting railway track in the Ukraine. The tunnel was formed by letting the trees grow up around the three-times-daily train, with only the passage of the train to trim them.  Now the tunnel fits around the train perfectly. Even in winter, this place is delightful:   Evocative...and absolutely will show

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#1 Victorian Historical Romance This Week

  #1 in Victorian Historical Romance this week* When Lady Philomena Housley finds herself proposed to by the Marquess of Durham, she only hesitates a day before agreeing- never mind that she's never met the gentleman in her life. Get at your favourite retailer. [*Taken from best seller charts, but link is for all international

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Oh yeah, that’s completely sexy. Absolutely.

This attractive fruit <cough> is called a Medlar. When it is ripe, it's still not edible.  It has to sit and soften for more than two weeks, before it can be eaten. Apparently, they taste like cinnamon applesauce, with a hint of wine. Cinnamon is supposed to be an aphrodisiac, but I rather doubt Eve would

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