Another Snap Sale – And An Excuse To Start A New Historical Romance Series!

Another Snap Sale And An Excuse To Start A New Historical Romance Series! This sale is joined at the hip with the BookFunnel sale I mentioned yesterday.   The first book of the Scandalous Scions series, Soul of Sin, is a part of that sale, and is discounted to 99c everywhere, including this site. I've "extended" the

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Two First-In-Series PNR Deeply Discounted, For Short Time Only

Two First-In-Series PNR Deeply Discounted, For Short Time Only Only until the end of Wednesday, these two first-in-series books are discounted to 99c, on all bookseller sites, including my own. This gives you a very cheap opportunity to check out new-to-you series. Cheers, Buy BLOOD KNOT directly from me, or from your favourite bookseller. Buy BETH'S ACCEPTANCE directly

Stack of Giveaways!

Stack of Giveaways! It's the first, so there's a stack of new promos! I'll only have a few per day, instead of swamping you with dozens in one hit.   Ignore the grammar error in the title! Lies and Alibis Romantic Suspense Giveaway I Love Romance Giveaway. There's no header image for this one. If

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More Massive Discounts–2 days only!

More Massive Discounts--2 days only! In conjunction with the launch of ​Inside Man​, the 100th book, I’m also doing a massive discount sale on my site for release day and the day after, only.  That's today and tomorrow only. From midnight July 25th to midnight July 26th MDT, here on my site, you can: Buy 2-3 books,

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A Very Special Promo!

If you're at all familiar with my site and my books, then the image, above, might tell you what makes this promo special. It's ​my​ promotion.  :) And it's for the launch of my 100th book, ​Inside Man​.  ​Inside Man ​is book 2 of the Project Kobra romantic suspense series.  This promo includes book 1 of the series, ​Hunting

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PNR & SFR Giveaways.

PNR & SFR Giveaways & Deals. More goodies for July. 120 titles, including fantasy romance. July Fantasy Extravaganza The "hot" in the title is to do with the time of the year, not the books on offer, which are all romance, across all spectrums of heat.  So there will be some super-sexy titles on offer.  If

Romance Giveaways & Deals!

Romance Giveaways & Deals! More BookFunnel goodness for July: This one is a sale, but it's an interesting sale: Everything available in the collection is a boxed series. As series boxed sets are already cheaper than buying the entire series in individual titles, that means that the discounts available via this sale are discounts on discounts. So there

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Only three more to go!

Only three more to go! I can't believe that I can see the end of this massively long series from here! I started the Scandalous Scions series on May 11, 2017, with the release of the prequel, Rose of Ebony. In just over two years, there have been 10 books released in the series, the prequel,