And Now For Something Different!

And Now for Something Different! Phew! We've been talking about King Arthur for quite a while -- through two releases. Now, though, we get to shift gears for a bit. The release date for Their Foreign Affair is coming up super fast, so let me remind you of the book. At the altar, facing marriage

HIS PARISIAN MISTRESS will be removed from all non-Amazon stores tomorrow.

In keeping with my new Kindle Unlimited publishing schedule, His Parisian Mistress, Book 1 of the Scandalous Family--The Victorians series, will be taken down from all non-Amazon bookstores tomorrow, in preparation to enter it in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you are interested in reading the series, and don't purchase your books from Amazon, you should

7 Days Left for SFR and RS Titles.

7 Days Left for SFR and RS Titles.      A quick reminder that these two series will be withdrawn from sale at all retailers except Amazon, even my own site, this time next week. 1) The Endurance series – science fiction romance, and 2) The Go Get ’em Women collection of stories. The book covers, above, are linked

Sherlock and the Vikings Heading for Kindle Unlimited…

Sherlock and the Vikings Heading for Kindle Unlimited...       The next two series heading for Kindle Unlimited in just under three weeks are: 1) The Sherlock Holmes series, (tip:  which is actually a romantic suspense series in deep disguise!), and 2) The Kine Prophecies, which is only the one book at the moment, The

It Might Read Better In Klingon

It Might Read Better In Klingon HEART OF VENGEANCE (GERMAN EDITION) This post first appeared on the blog on July 12, 2010.  Since then, the post has been lost.  As it's interesting, and even more relevant today, I'm bringing it forward. -- t. One of my books, Heart of Vengeance, was released in

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I *Do* Listen!

I *Do* Listen! Happy 4th of July to all my USA readers! --- I get a lot of emails from all my readers, asking a great many questions, and often registering your opinion about a great many things. Currently, everyone is a bit outraged about Amazon's review policy, the language found in historical novels, and

Multiple Release Week Deals!

Multiple Release Week Deals! I'm in love with my characters again. It doesn't always happen with every book, and sometimes, I get invested in a secondary character, who won't shut up, and end up giving him his own story. The only problem with writing in a series set in a universe that is as well

Wash Your Hands, Dammit!

Wash Your Hands, Dammit! It's pretty common and far easier to think of the "Victorian Era" as one unchanging snapshot in time, where the women wore pretty things and the men were all gentlemen and lords. The Victorian era, though, lasted 64 years, from 20 June, 1837 until Queen Victoria's death on 22 January, 1901​.  In

Have You Reached That Time When The World Stops Seeing You?

I know more than a few men read my blogs and emails. For you, this post may make you scratch your head. Perhaps not--I know this happens to men, too, but usually far later in life. For women, it happens far, far earlier. I'm talking about disappearing from view. I remember when it began to

Too Ugly To Show You.

Unlike most of the heroes in Romanceland, Daniel, the hero of Degree of Solitude, is a scarred "monster" that hides away in the wilds of Wales. When I explained his general appearance to Dar Albert, the cover artist who designs nearly all my covers, I knew it would be a challenge to make him both hideous

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