Romantic Times Reader Convention 2016 – Las Vegas!

It probably seems like the completely wrong time to be talking about a convention that is happening sometime next year, but the fact is, the RT convention is only 4 months away. Are you going to RT? Are you thinking about going? If so, let me know. I’ve added a sticky post to the top

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Six Book Bundle – Almost Gone….

All six books are currently discounted more than 50%, to $1.99. At midnight your time, The Branded Rose Prophecy goes up to $2.99 (which is still a massive 60% discount on the full retail price). _____ Each of these books, including the humongous 600 pages of The Branded Rose Prophecy, is only  $1.99, but only

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The Big Freaking Dude

When I first wrote Terror Stash, it didn’t have a romance in it at all. I wasn’t entirely sure I was even going to publish it under my own name. It was a straight thriller, not set in North America, but did feature an American heroine. It was set in the obscure and little-known area

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The Arthurian Romance With A Funny Title

Within a couple of weeks of arriving in Canada, once the almost permanent headache that came from concentrating so hard on the funny accents had gone away, I came to a startling conclusion. Now that I was in North America, I was free to read and write the wildly different types of romances that you

Super Brat Meets Do-Right Hero

I first started writing romances for publication when I was still living in Australia. When I began, I did a lot of research about writing for Romanceland, and what editors of the day were looking for. Nearly everyone I knew that was also writing, was writing for publication with Mills & Boon--about the only romances

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Big Enough to Prop a Door Open!

I write a lot of sexy books. You may have noticed. 2013 was one of my peaks of productivity for books. I wrote and released nearly two dozen of them. And nearly every single one of them was an erotic romance. One can get awfully sick of describing sex after so many books, although I