The Good Story, the Bad Story and My Story – Revisited.

I first posted this in November 2015, but there has been some changes since then!  Notes on the way through... There were two major influences that drove me as I wrote Heart of Vengeance, one of them positive, the other horribly negative…but I’ll get to that one in a minute. The positive one was an

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Romantic Times Reader Convention 2016 – Las Vegas!

It probably seems like the completely wrong time to be talking about a convention that is happening sometime next year, but the fact is, the RT convention is only 4 months away. Are you going to RT? Are you thinking about going? If so, let me know. I’ve added a sticky post to the top

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Six Book Bundle – Almost Gone….

All six books are currently discounted more than 50%, to $1.99. At midnight your time, The Branded Rose Prophecy goes up to $2.99 (which is still a massive 60% discount on the full retail price). _____ Each of these books, including the humongous 600 pages of The Branded Rose Prophecy, is only  $1.99, but only

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The Big Freaking Dude

When I first wrote Terror Stash, it didn’t have a romance in it at all. I wasn’t entirely sure I was even going to publish it under my own name. It was a straight thriller, not set in North America, but did feature an American heroine. It was set in the obscure and little-known area

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The Arthurian Romance With A Funny Title

Within a couple of weeks of arriving in Canada, once the almost permanent headache that came from concentrating so hard on the funny accents had gone away, I came to a startling conclusion. Now that I was in North America, I was free to read and write the wildly different types of romances that you

Super Brat Meets Do-Right Hero

I first started writing romances for publication when I was still living in Australia. When I began, I did a lot of research about writing for Romanceland, and what editors of the day were looking for. Nearly everyone I knew that was also writing, was writing for publication with Mills & Boon--about the only romances

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