Plaid, Breeches…what’s next?

Historical romance gets short shrift from the traditional publishing industry. Fifteen years ago, it was selling like hotcakes, until they declared that the historical romance market was dead and promptly stopped buying historical romance from authors…which killed the market for them. (Funny how that works). One of the earlier editions of DIANA BY THE

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Camelot is 54 Years Old

Funny, I was just talking about Lancelot the other day, wasn’t I? Sheer coincidence. Or perhaps not. The Arthurian tale seems to be one of those evergreen ones, that revises itself, renews its magic and repeats generation after generation. I am particularly fond of the Camelot musical and especially the movie made from the same

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Why King Arthur Endlessly Endures

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m going to mention it again.  If you haven’t clued in yet, I’m a history nut, and Britain is prime hunting territory for me.  Coming from Australia, where nothing is much over sixty seconds old, Britain was like Christmas and Valentine’s Day rolled into one for me.  My

The Story Behind Diana

The original cover, from Hardshell Word Factory. Yeah.....I know! I grew up reading a dozen different versions of the King Arthur legend and loved them all.  When I hit my most impressionable years, there were a few really good movies and stage plays that came out – I even saw Richard Harris live

DIANA BY THE MOON – Arthurian Romance novel – Out now!

I've been looking forward to releasing Diana by the Moon under my own imprint.   This is one of my favourite novels - certainly up in the top five, if not higher (I don't ever want to have to rank them properly!) The cover for the previous edition was one I loved -- it captured the

Who Were King Arthur’s Enemies?

Good question. The answer varies wildly depending on who you’re reading…or watching.  Arthur has been depicted in hundreds of books and movies, TV and more and it seems that each variation has endowed a different enemy upon the hapless Arthur. The variety and shape of his enemies runs the gamut from himself, family in-fighting, magical