And Now For Something Different!

And Now for Something Different! Phew! We've been talking about King Arthur for quite a while -- through two releases. Now, though, we get to shift gears for a bit. The release date for Their Foreign Affair is coming up super fast, so let me remind you of the book. At the altar, facing marriage

Her Rebellious Prince’s new home is now on Kindle Unlimited

Her Rebellious Prince's new home is now on Kindle Unlimited If you like your romances meaty, Victorian and plot-rich; and you're also a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, then good news!  Her Rebellious Prince, book 2 of the Scandalous Family - The Victorians Victorian Era Historical Romance Series, is now in Kindle Unlimited and available to download.

Escape Your Living Room with This Hot New Historical Romance!

Escape Your Living Room with This Hot New Historical Romance! I came across the image above, the other day. I've seen a lot of images related to the Covid19 pandemic, but this one struck me deeply. Times Square isn't supposed to be empty, ever. It's a powerful statement of the current state of affairs. Thank

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His Parisian Mistress is now in Kindle Unlimited His Parisian Mistress is the first book to transition to Kindle Unlimited as a new release. It is also book 1 of the series, so you're getting in on the ground floor on this one. Now available in Kindle Unlimited for download. If you enjoy the book,

HIS PARISIAN MISTRESS will be removed from all non-Amazon stores tomorrow.

In keeping with my new Kindle Unlimited publishing schedule, His Parisian Mistress, Book 1 of the Scandalous Family--The Victorians series, will be taken down from all non-Amazon bookstores tomorrow, in preparation to enter it in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you are interested in reading the series, and don't purchase your books from Amazon, you should

Even more different…

Even more different... There we go. Now that the first book in the new historical romance series is out (His Parisian Mistress, which came out last Thursday, in case you missed it) -- now I can talk about Book 2. That was the other reason I was twitchy about no pre-order for the first book.

New, Fresh and Different…

New, Fresh and Different... Oh, this one took so long to come out! Mostly, that is because there was no pre-order period, so everything sat in abeyance for ages and ages, until the sudden flurry of action this last week. It's been a bit chaotic, because I'm not used to releasing books without a pre-order,

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