A James Bond-worthy Setting for the Next Project Kobra Book!

A James Bond-worthy Setting for the Next Project Kobra Book! This place is surreal! It is the Oberoi Udaivilas hotel in Udaipur, India. Not your average highway motel. Udaipur is one of the oldest cities in India.  Man settled on the banks of the Ahur River around 2000 BC, and the city of Udaipur was

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Mystery & Thriller Shorts

Today's giveaway features short, hot mysteries, thrillers and suspense. The novellas, novelettes and short stories may have some spicy content, but the covers are all PG, so if you cruise through at work, you're okay. ;) My story in the collection is Delly's Last Night, a short, sexy award nominee. There are 142 other titles to

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Crime And Suspense First In Series Giveaway

Crime And Suspense First In Series Giveaway It's the middle of March! How did that happen? Not the usual giveaway, today. This is a mix of thrillers, mysteries and suspense which may or may not include romance. It's worth a browse. There's some interesting covers there! Crime And Suspense First In Series Giveaway Cheers, .

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I dreamed about this doggone book for heaven’s sake!

I dreamed about this doggone book for heaven's sake! Hunting the Kobra came out last week, and I'm a little stunned at the reaction, which has been amazing: #69 in the Espionage Thrillers Hot New Releases. 4.9 Star review rating 54 reviews across all sites and booksellers. As it's the first book in the series,

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Dragonwall, and the lunatics who use it.

Dragonwall and the lunatics who use it. When I'm researching for novels, I end up in some very strange territory sometimes. Especially with the new Project Kobra series, I often wondered if I was setting off alarm bells in a cubicle at the NSA, or the counter-terrorism unit of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police),

Gimme Tension

  I've watched and read a lot of action thrillers in my time. One of my favourite action thriller writers was Desmond Bagley, and my favourite book of his was a spy thriller called Running Blind (which I highly recommend). I also really liked Alistair McLean's action thrillers, but not quite as much. I also loved Peter

A Man In Uniform…or not?

There's a discussion happening on my Facebook page at the moment, about romantic suspense heroes--how many of them are uniforms, or ex-uniforms (military, police, etc). What's your opinion? Have you come across a romantic suspense hero who didn't have enforcement training of some type, who did carry the story convincingly? Talk about it on the Facebook page, here.

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Military Romantic Suspense Giveaway, to the 17th only!

Until November 17, there is a bunch of military romantic suspense novels by various authors being offered on BookFunnel. My own Vistaria Has Fallen is among them. And you bet I'll be picking up the others! Enjoy! Click to jump to the BookFunnel giveaway! Cheers, . Get the news that no one else does. Sign

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