Disasters & Deals! (Not Related)

Disasters & Deals! (Not Related) We're still hunkered down behind closed doors here.  But I'm getting so much done while we are!  I'm writing lots, and also getting lots of other types of work done, too, including all the cooking. I've also been tinking. Knitters and crocheters will know exactly what that means.  It's not

Another Massive Discount! (And Freebies!)

Another Massive Discount! (And Freebies!) Winter has struck again! I love the snow but the two men in the house (Mark and my son) seem to hate it. And it just keeps snowing here! This is the view you can find in my province: I very much wish it was the view out my back

My Life/Working Notes – Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Hump Day! From one perspective, May has been a long, hard month. On the other hand, I'm kinda reluctant to let it go, because I have to let go of my favourite series at the same time, and move on to something else. I've written at length about my withdrawals symptoms over Kiss Across

I’m at Berengaria Brown’s place today.

I'm at erotic romance writer Berengaria Brown's blog for an encore guest post today, in the continuing blog tour for my vampire romance series and book, Blood Stone. Today's topic is why I hate vampires...sometimes. I'll also be giving away a copy of Byzantine Heartbreak, the second book in the vampire time travel series, Beloved

I’m at That’s Erotica! Today

The book tour for the second book in my erotic vampire romance series, Blood Stone, continues today, with a guest post at That's Erotica! where I'm talking about one of erotic romance's favourite obsessions, vampires and sex, and why vampires should (theoretically) be hotter and generally more depraved than they are. I'm giving away a

Is Romance A Feminist Genre?

Despite the romance genre readership being 99% female, there's room for argument that the romance storylines are anything but feminist. It depends on how you measure them.  There are two "tests" out there by which romance novels fail miserably. The Smurfette Principle The "Smurfette" Principle is an interesting measure aimed at television shows, originating (surprise!)

Refashioning, Frugality and the New Poor…Indie Reading Is Part of The New Sexy.

You know when the threes start happening?  You won't have heard about her in months, but suddenly in one day three different people will be talking about Jessica Simpson -- all three totally unrelated stories about her?  Or you move through your day and see a picture of a Tessler on an advertisement on line,

And The Winner Is…

The contest for the free copy of my erotic MMF paranormal romance, Byzantine Heartbreak, closed at midnight last night, and the winner, drawn at random, was Gail.  She has already been sent her gift copy -- congratulations Gail. My thanks to Tash M, owner and operator of the new romance blog, Confessions from Romaholics, for

Upcoming Guest Blog and Contest, Next Friday – Win BYZANTINE HEARTBREAK

The newest kid on the romance block, Confessions from Romaholics, launched their site the same day I emerged, blinking, from my self-imposed sabbatical, so I didn't get to join the launch day party. I fixed that by inviting the owner, Tash M, to come and guest blog here next Friday and tell us about the

Working Notes – What’s Up Round Up: In The Mail, Too.

As I'm quietly and steadily working my way through Blood Stone, and the weekend started out with an empty email in-tray, and nothing moving on Facebook or anywhere else, I thought this was going to be one of those bulletins where I would have nothing to report, except for progress. But Sunday, which is usually

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