Working Notes – July 6, 2019

Working Notes - July 6, 2019 I'm on the very verge of starting to write the next book in the Kiss Across Time series.  This will be book 9, Kiss Across Blades. For this story, I'm digging into French history.  A very interesting little pocket of French history, actually.  Most of the action takes place in 1798,

Working Notes – June 5, 2015

I've been immersed in time travel stories lately. As I write this post, I’m teetering on the very edge of finishing Beloved Bloody Time 4. It now has a name: Spartan Resistance. (And as I post this post, I'm finished!!) Any guesses who the Spartan is the title is referring to? BBT readers will know

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Working Notes – May 29, 2015

Let’s talk about writing and releases. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’re probably quite aware that last year, my production sharply declined. That’s if you’re only counting the number of stories I finished and released. (Six.) Compared to 2013’s 19 titles, it was a sharp slump. (And if you’re really curious, 2012

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My Life/Working Notes – Mar 20, 2015

I’m getting Kiss Across Deserts ready for publication. The last three books have centred around Taylor, Brody and Veris, my most favourite threesome. So Kiss Across Deserts is a departure from the first three books, because this is Alexander’s story. You might remember he was facing a crisis of identity in Kiss Across Chains. That

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My Life/Working Notes – November 3, 2014

THE BRANDED ROSE -- This is a step-back cover. Click on the cover image to see the step-back panorama By the time you read this, The Branded Rose Prophecy should be finished and moved into the production process. I haven’t changed the release date on the book’s page yet, because when I wrote

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My Life–Working Notes

It seems like the site host that is currently hosting my site is feeling kindly – I haven’t been suspended yet. But I’ve also been a good little blogger, not using any plug-ins beyond the most rudimentary functionality.  No bells or whistles. So for now, the blog posts are rolling on.  It’s nice that something

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Working Notes – Blood Unleashed.

I'm writing somewhere ahead of December 9, but by the time you read this, Blood Unleashed, the third book in the Blood Stone series, will be days away from release. If I've got it written in time! Dropping everything and racing to Australia in August put a bad crimp in my publishing schedule.  So far,

Working Notes – ROMANI ARMADA

As I write this, I'm sagging under the impact of horrific jet lag, having just returned from Australia. I'm so behind, now, that I'm scaring myself.  Blog posts are growing thin on the ground and then there's the book deadlines... I'm currently working on getting Romani Armada finished before the early September deadline.  It's going

Working Notes – ROMANI ARMADA

Less than a month before the third book in the vampire menage time travel series, Beloved Bloody Time, hits the virtual shelves. Romani Armada is BIG -- it's very long, with a sprawling canvas and dozens of characters (all your favourites are back).  Major time upheavals are included free of charge. Here's a flash snippet

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