Military Romantic Suspense Giveaway, to the 17th only!

Until November 17, there is a bunch of military romantic suspense novels by various authors being offered on BookFunnel. My own Vistaria Has Fallen is among them. And you bet I'll be picking up the others! Enjoy! Click to jump to the BookFunnel giveaway! Cheers, . Get the news that no one else does. Sign

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On The Road: Grave Tells

Should the ability to do magic come with a price?  I'm talking about that and other paranormal phenomenon over at Grave Tells today, as part of the Kiss Across Chains tour. ____________

On The Road: A TiffyFits Reading + Smoldering Heat

Today at close to the tail-end of the Kiss Across Chains tour, I'm visiting two sites. At Smoldering Heat, I'm wondering where all the long-haired heroes have gone? While at A TiffyFit's Reading, the series is being reviewed and spotlighted. Both sites will have entries for the Sweepstakes available. _____________

On The Road: Mad Hatter Reads + Coffee & Characters

The tour for Kiss Across Chains is getting close to the end, and today I'm at two guest locations:  Mad Hatter Reads and Coffee & Characters, where the series is being spotlighted and (I hope) reviewed. Don't miss out on entering the sweepstakes! ____________

On The Road: Wicked Readings by Tawania

Today in the tour for Kiss Across Chains, the series is being spotlighted at Wicked Readings by Tawania. It's the 25th today...time is running out to enter (or reenter) the big sweepstakes for the tour.  Head over to Wicked Readings to find entry instructions. _________________  

On The Road: Cocktails & Books

I find it very hard not to like Cocktails & Books -- they give me such great reviews!  (Yeah, it's that complete lack of bias kicking in again). Today they're spotlighting Kiss Across Chains and the Kiss Across Time series...along with the big sweepstakes! See you there! _________

On the Road: Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies, Oh My!

Today I'm at Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies, Oh My! (yes, that's the blog name), in the on-going book tour for Kiss Across Chains, part of the Kiss Across Time series.  Wanna know 6 Guaranteed, Sure-Fire Ways To Snare Your Own Vampire In Record Time (IQ Not Included)?  Head on over to the guest blog to

On the Road: Riverina Romantics

Today, for the book tour for Kiss Across Chains, I'm guesting at another new-to-me review site:  Riverina Romantics.  Come and give them a once over, and see what you think.  They cover the full gamut of romances, so you may find something you like there. And don't forget the big book tour contest! 1) $30 Amazon

Paranormal 4th of July Holiday Bash Giveaway.

For fans of my Kiss Across Time series, today Taylor Yates is being interviewed on author Kathy Kulig's blog, as part of the Paranormal 4th of July Holiday Bash. Find out what Taylor thinks of the 4th of July holiday. Stop by and you can enter to win a copy of Bannockburn Binding, too. ______________