Damage Control

Damage Control I've been having a few health challenges lately.  I've kept the Facebook Hangout readers and everyone who has elected to receive BookFunnel emails sort-of up to date, but I've had even more news lately, and thought it was time to put it all into one post and bring everyone up to date. I've

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My life: Here’s what you can expect for the next little while.

My life: Here's what you can expect for the next little while. Pippin, making sure I get all the words right. Pats on the knuckles when my attention strays away from him the keyboard. It's been a very long while since I did one of these "my life" catch-up posts. I hadn't noticed the omission

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Roses, Chinese Food and A Very Different Christmas.

Roses, Chinese Food and A Very Different Christmas. I'm sort-of in mourning at the moment. A few days ago, our provincial government announced mandatory pandemic measure that made it illegal for families to hold indoor gatherings, under penalty of pretty severe fines. Although the measures are "temporary" and will be revisited in three weeks'

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Canada Day 2019

Canada Day 2019 My second Canada Day as a Canadian.  :) For everyone north of the 48th parallel, enjoy your day off, barbecue and family time.  Oh, and the sun.  (If you're getting any!) _________ Cheers, here Massive 100th Book Giveaway! 124 prizes worth a total of $2,650, and everyone who enters gets

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I’m Live on Facebook Tomorrow Night

  As I threatened to do last time I was live on Facebook, I'm doing another chat tomorrow night at 6pm MST. (Time zone converter here.) No special content or theme this time. Just questions and answers and hanging out. As usual, feel free to ask me anything. If you're shy, you can email your question

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My Life – June 4, 2019

My Life - June 5, 2019 It seems like it's been a very long while since I did a general round post like this. In part that is because writing and releasing a book every four weeks tends to suck up all my attention.  And very soon, I'll be writing and releasing a book every

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…and you DID Ask!

...and you DID Ask! The new time slot for Monday's Facebook Live seems to work quite well. There were some great questions! A new time slot and a grab bag of odd questions from readers, lately, plus any questions asked live. How weird will this get? Let's see! Index of Contents 1:12 News 7:47 Mailbag

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Good Friday and Happy Family Time

Most of the western world comes to a halt on Easter Friday, while some of it marks the religious event.  For everyone else, the four-day Easter long weekend is a precious down-time or family occasion--a chance to catch up, pause and enjoy the company of loved-ones. This is my weekend, too.  A family dinner/birthday celebration

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It’s our birthday and anniversary, so you get the goodies.

It's our birthday and anniversary, so you get the goodies. If you've been a subscriber for a while, you might already be aware that today is my birthday, my husband's birthday, our wedding anniversary and also the anniversary of the day we met. No one in our house has any excuse for forgetting anything. We

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