May the Fourth Be With You…

Every year I write about May the Fourth, and every year, it seems, I explain why I cannot ignore the day.  So this year, I won't.  :) Instead, I'm bringing forward the most interesting post from previous years. You can also find other May the Fourth posts here and here.  Have an interstellar day! t.

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A New Skill Set to Make Life Interesting.

I love cracking open a new program and getting to know it.  Playing around with the buttons and menus and figuring out how to get the program to do what I want is enormous fun.  It scratches my curiousity bump and taps my creativity in completely different ways from story-telling. Most people I know can

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Why I Decided To Become A Novelist

This post was published five years ago today.  Five years!!  I've been keeping a blog for a long time.  There are posts going back even further than this one, but I thought this one would bear repeating, for newer readers to discover. --t. I think the reason why I write fiction is pretty much out there

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The Meaning of Traditions—to you.

When most people think of "traditions", they're thinking of society-wide customs and habits that become ingrained over years and generations. The holiday season is a good example, for it is stuffed full of traditions. But traditions can be more personal and often, far more significant. For instance, a personal tradition of mine is to step

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Canada Day

So, hey!  Today is Canada Day.  This is the first Canada Day I've celebrated as a Canadian citizen, too. Since I was naturalized in December last year, I've been itching to put "Canadian" on an official form somewhere and a couple of weeks ago that opportunity finally arrived. Guess what the form was for. Renewing

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The Ups and Downs of My Wonderful Career. / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0I As you know, I am currently working through all the old articles and major posts that were on the old site, updating them where appropriate, and adding them back onto the Article pages. One of the most high-traffic articles on the old site was the first in what

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Happy Easter!

If you're part of the Christian western world that celebrates Easter and have a four day break ahead of you -- enjoy! Personally, I'm settling into a streak of hard work; Mark has the week off and we're going to be reformatting and re-uploading books, and doing lots of site work and between writing

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Birthaversary 2016!

This year's Birthaversary party is over -- and it was a great night, too.  Some new faces, lots of familiar faces, and some really interesting conversation. And this year, I got a birthday present! Long story short:  A few weeks ago on my private FB page, I shared NASA's new Art Deco travel posters.  They

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