Disasters & Deals! (Not Related)

Disasters & Deals! (Not Related) We're still hunkered down behind closed doors here.  But I'm getting so much done while we are!  I'm writing lots, and also getting lots of other types of work done, too, including all the cooking. I've also been tinking. Knitters and crocheters will know exactly what that means.  It's not

Another Massive Discount! (And Freebies!)

Another Massive Discount! (And Freebies!) Winter has struck again! I love the snow but the two men in the house (Mark and my son) seem to hate it. And it just keeps snowing here! This is the view you can find in my province: I very much wish it was the view out my back

The Third King Arthur Romance Is Now Available On Amazon

Way back when mapmakers were first starting to document the shape of the world, when they reached an area on the map that wasn’t known, they frequently put comments like “here be dragons.” As most of the books in the Once and Future Hearts series deal with members of the Pendragon family, the dragons are

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Book Two in My King Arthur Historical Romance Series Is Now out!

There have been some fantastic reviews for this second book, Dragon Kin. Also, I can see that many people are heading back to book one, Born Of No Man, and picking that up, too. Dragon Kin came out just over a week ago. If you like King Arthur, and you like historical romance, and you

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DRAGON KIN now on pre-order at Amazon.

I've been getting some rather good feedback on the first book in my new King Arthur series, Once and Future Hearts. The first book, Born of No Man, is getting some rave reviews.  It reached the top 100 in Ancient World Romances, and #16 in the Hot New Releases list, which was amazing. Here's some review

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