I’m Pretty Sure the Pandemic is Over. In that case…

I'm Pretty Sure the Pandemic is Over. In that case… In March 2020, when the COVID lockdowns kicked in, we discounted a half dozen series of mine, to give everyone stuck at home with no income a chance to buy some fiction to keep themselves occupied while the world had a meltdown. I'm pretty sure

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Threesome Awesomeness has Arrived!

Threesome Awesomeness has Arrived! Four Awesome Threesomes is now available for only 99c. Check it out, get a good sample of several different series I've written and let me know your favourite! A Delectable Sampler.  Four Threesome Romances from Four Threesome Series… Four Awesome Threesomes includes four first books in four of Tracy Cooper-Posey’s best

A Taste for Blood

A Taste for Blood Sample Chapter, Vampire PNR We're only two weeks away from the launch of Four Awesome Threesomes, so that means it's sample time. The very first book in the collection is Bannockburn Binding, book 1 of the Beloved Bloody Time MMF urban fantasy futuristic time travel romance series. (Say that three times

A Samhain romance for Halloween

A Samhain romance for Halloween I've written a novelette for Halloween; Samhain Crossing.  It's a paranormal romance with a couple other sub-genres thrown in there.  Including, if you really push the point, alternative history.  In other words, it’s a romance I wrote with zero concern about where it would properly "fit" in the market.  Or

Threesome Awesomeness

Threesome Awesomeness What I feared would happen with my release schedule as a result of all the health stuff going on in my life [here, for more details] did, in fact, end up happening. I had to move books ahead a slot. That left a yawning hole in the schedule, which I quickly realized was

Hot and steamy reads, 99c for the next few days only.

Hot and steamy reads, 99c for the next few days only. Years and years ago, I had a long discussion with readers about the romantic possibilities of gargoyles.  I just don't find gargoyles even remotely interesting as romantic material, but readers kept urging me to find a way. The Stonebrood Saga was my response to

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Also leaving KU very soon…

Also leaving KU very soon… The Beloved Bloody Time series is one of those series that mashes up a whole lot of sub-genres. It's set in the future (but it's not science fiction romance), with vampires and other fantasy creatures mixing with humans (which technically makes it urban fantasy). The main romances in each of

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Disasters & Deals! (Not Related)

Disasters & Deals! (Not Related) We're still hunkered down behind closed doors here.  But I'm getting so much done while we are!  I'm writing lots, and also getting lots of other types of work done, too, including all the cooking. I've also been tinking. Knitters and crocheters will know exactly what that means.  It's not

Another Massive Discount! (And Freebies!)

Another Massive Discount! (And Freebies!) Winter has struck again! I love the snow but the two men in the house (Mark and my son) seem to hate it. And it just keeps snowing here! This is the view you can find in my province: I very much wish it was the view out my back

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