Another Massive Discount! (And Freebies!)

Winter has struck again!

I love the snow but the two men in the house (Mark and my son) seem to hate it. And it just keeps snowing here!

This is the view you can find in my province:

I very much wish it was the view out my back door, but I’m not that lucky.

While we are all still in lock-down, I hope you and yours are still doing well!

Do you have things you cheer while others in the house jeer as they happen?


From today until April 19th, the books, above, are wildly discounted or free on Amazon:

Bannockburn Binding, Book 1, Beloved Bloody Time Series:  99c

Byzantine Heartbreak, Book 2, Beloved Bloody Time Series:  Free

A Vampire Menage Time Travel Futuristic Romance series


Born of No Man, Book 1, Once and Furture Hears Series:  99c

Dragon Kin, Book 2, Once and Future Hearts Series: Free

Ancient History Romance series.

The linked titles, above, will take you to the book’s page on my site, and from there, the link to Amazon will jump you to your local Amazon.


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