Making Cloth – Part 2

In the first part of this long post, I described the long process involved in turning any type of fiber (wool, flax, silk, cashmere, cotton) into strands for weaving, to produce cloth, and how labour intensive it was in the past, when machines didn’t do all the work for us. All That Was A Woman’s […]

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Making Cloth – Part 1

Look Around You In a second, I’m going to ask you to lift your head up and look around your current location. I want you to take a quick tally of everything you can see that has a textile component.  That is, any fabric, anything woven. Okay, take thirty seconds and have a look. …

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Handcrafted Goodness

On this day in 1851, Isaac Merrit Singer was granted a patent for his sewing machine, revolutionizing the manufacture of clothing and changing the way women thought about fashion forever.   By the very early twentieth century, it was estimated that 85% of households owned a sewing machine. But sewing declined toward the end of the

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Refashioning, Frugality and the New Poor…Indie Reading Is Part of The New Sexy.

You know when the threes start happening?  You won’t have heard about her in months, but suddenly in one day three different people will be talking about Jessica Simpson — all three totally unrelated stories about her?  Or you move through your day and see a picture of a Tessler on an advertisement on line,

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Lingerie – Make Your Own

Lingerie – Make Your Own Manufacturers of lingerie would like you to think that there’s a whole lot of high-tech engineering and design involved in their incredibly expensive lingerie. There isn’t. Once you understand a few basic design concepts — the primary one being proper support in a bra, then making your own lingerie is

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