It’s Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday!

Sherlockians long ago settled (in their own minds, at least) that March 8 is Sherlock Holmes' birthday.  They arrived at the date by combing through all the Holmes stories Conan Doyle ever wrote, and sifting for clues, and extrapolating from there. Did you enjoy the third season of the most recent rendition of Sherlock Holmes,

The Birthday Present

We have this weird thing about numbers in our family.  My birthday is February 22, which makes it 22/02 (or 02/22 for you North Americans).  Mark has the same birthday as me, so that would be 2-22-02, or 2x22-2.  We’re both Pisces, and the symbol is two fish headed in opposite directions. I’m sure Robert

Happy Birthday, Julia – and Co-Writers everywhere.

It's Julia Templeton's birthday today.  If you're feeling mischievous, you should stop by her Facebook page and wish her well.  You can even tell her I sent you. Why am I making a fuss of another person's birthday? 1)  I've done this every year now for about seven years. 2)  Julie is my former co-writer

My Life: Roger Waters, Kate, Matthew and Let The Good Times Roll.

One concert photo -- especially one without the band members on stage -- looks very much like another. Unless you were there. I was there.  Twice.  On both sides of the world. I've been crazy stupid over Pink Floyd and The Wall since it came out in the mid '80s.  (I was one of those

Reading Romances Birthday Party Giveaway Hop

Reading Romances is celebrating their birthday with a blog hop/giveaway, and one of those stops is right here.  A copy of my MMF paranormal time travel romance Bannockburn Binding is up for grabs.  All you have to do is email me and tell me the full names of the heroes and heroines. Contest closes at

Working Notes – November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Barbara Ann Cooper.  My Mum. My Mum lives in Australia, and believe it or not, she reads every single one of my posts, although some of them have to crisp the hair in her nostrils!  She also keeps every copy of every one of my books that I give her, but I know

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