On The Road: Page Flipperz

Another stop on the Kiss Across Chains tour.  Kat, the owner of Page Flipperz, is Australian, so she must therefore be the ultimate in cool. Shall we find out? ____________  

On The Road: Offbeat Vagabond

The cool thing about today's tour location?  Diana, the owner, is a wrestling fan!  Cool sweatpops! So, I'll be over at Offbeat Vagabond today.  Come check it out (and enter the you-know...)

On The Road: The Reading Cafe

The Reading Cafe is a very sophisticated, clean-looking site.  It's...interesting.  It's also today's stop in the blog tour for Kiss Across Chains. Another chance to enter the sweepstakes!

On The Road: Celestial Reviews

I'm not sure how I'm going to go at Celestial Reviews today.  Consider the name "Celestial", then consider what I write, which is anything but uplifting.... Still, I'm stopping in for a visit today as part of the Kiss Across Chains book tour, and they're reviewing the Kiss Across Time series. Should be interesting....! Don't

On The Road: Romancing the Book

One thing I'm loving about this book tour for Kiss Across Chains is the huge number of new-to-me review sites I'm discovering. Today I'm at Romancing The Book.  They've got a sister site, Romance After Dark, that is worth a look-see, too. See you there!

On The Road: United By Books

Today, I'm visiting United By Books, another stop on the Kiss Across Chains tour. I hope you're bookmarking all these review sites, if they're new to you?  I've been checking them out, too! Don't forget the sweepstakes!  

On The Road: The Next Chapter

I'm at The Next Chapter today, for the book tour for Kiss Across Chains. Come and enter the sweepstakes and check the joint out. See you there.  

On The Road: Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews

Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews are spotlighting Kiss Across Chains and the Kiss Across Time series today. Stop by and check out the reviews, and enter the sweepstakes while you're there. _______________  

On the Road: Curse of the Bibliophile

Today, on the continuing voyages of the...  No, sorry, the ongoing book tour for Kiss Across Chains.  Right. Curse of the Bibliophile isn't the most unusually named blog I've met on this tour, but it's up there. Come and see what I say. And enter the sweepstakes, too.  ;) ___________________________    

On the Road: Riverina Romantics

Today, for the book tour for Kiss Across Chains, I'm guesting at another new-to-me review site:  Riverina Romantics.  Come and give them a once over, and see what you think.  They cover the full gamut of romances, so you may find something you like there. And don't forget the big book tour contest! 1) $30 Amazon

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