Happy Birthday, Julia – and Co-Writers everywhere.

It’s Julia Templeton’s birthday today.  If you’re feeling mischievous, you should stop by her Facebook page and wish her well.  You can even tell her I sent you.

Why am I making a fuss of another person’s birthday?

1)  I’ve done this every year now for about seven years.

2)  Julie is my former co-writer on a couple of books we wrote, way back in 2003 — the Anastasia Black books for Ellora’s Cave — Forbidden and Dangerous Beauty.

3)  Julie was instrumental in introducing me to the erotic romance genre.

4)  In every respect, almost, Julie is my complete opposite.  Blonde, slender, sweet, kind, patient, understanding.  Her birthday is exactly six months opposite mine, too.

Julie and I are planning on re-releasing the two Anastasia Black books in the very near future, as Author Editions.

Stay tuned.

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