Working Notes – November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Barbara Ann Cooper.  My Mum.

My Mum lives in Australia, and believe it or not, she reads every single one of my posts, although some of them have to crisp the hair in her nostrils!  She also keeps every copy of every one of my books that I give her, but I know there are some of which she’s never had the courage to crack the covers.  (grin)  Just the two men on the front cover is enough for her.

Still, she is proud of the fact that I’m published, regardless of what I write.  That’s more than many romance writers get from their families, who find the whole genre too tawdry to speak of aloud, so:  Go, Mum!


I crawled home (it felt like crawling) from the hospital yesterday, and after 10 days locked up in a 12 x 12 isolation room, I now have the energy of a sloth.

Needless to say, progress on the novel is likewise crawling.

But with better food, actual fresh air coming through the windows, uninterrupted sleep and some real activity (climbing stairs, etc), I may find some reserves for getting some serious wordage put down on paper…if the universe is aligned right and feeling kindly, that is.

We’ll see.


In the wake of the huge spike in traffic that the MMF Romance series has created, and because there is a dearth of resources and groups for MMF Romance, I have created a new Facebook group: MMF Romance Novels.  As far as my searching and delving shows me, it is the only MMF Romance group on Facebook or Yahoo, or Google.

If you love your menages, please come and join the group. You can help build this group into an great place for readers to find information on new (to them) MMF authors and titles and more. Plus it can be a place where like-minded readers and authors can hang out and talk about the novels they love without fear of ridicule or worse.

See you there.


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