Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series About to Start Filming

Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series About to Start Filming IO9 recently reported that Amazon has hired a director to make the first two episodes of their big-budget Lord of the Rings series. At this point in time, that's about all that has been confirmed.  Rumours are elusive and contradictory.  I've heard that the series

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The Lengths Authors Will Go To

  Authors can go to extraordinary lengths to build their fictional worlds.  They have travelled the world, and spent decades in research. James Cameron has gone where few men have gone before--in ocean depths that few have ever seen.  Based on his research he wrote The Abyss (one of my favourite movies ever) and Titanic. J.R.R. Tolkien

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Point Ears, Stumpy Legs & Other Fantasy Cliches

I love and adore Lord of the Rings, but Tolkien has a lot to answer for. I’m currently writing my own fantasy and like Tolkien, I’m building upon Norse mythology for my story world.  Tolkien pulled heavily from The Poetic Edda  and The Prose Edda, two books written in the thirteenth century by Snorri Sturluson. 

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PULSE PAUSE MOMENTS – Richard Armitage…again.

I know I've raved about the majestic Thorin Oakenshield before. I was given a copy of the director's extended cut of The Hobbit - An Unexpected Adventure for Christmas, and so far, I've watched the movie and 45% of the incredible and fascinating special effects. I was reacquainted again with the deep, sexy, smooth baritone

It’s Just A Job – Wood Elves

It's Just A Job - Wood Elves Elves as they appear in modern fantasy fiction were plucked from Norse mythology, where there were High and Dark Elves, and the Dark Elves were the forerunners of Dwarves as we know them in fantasy fiction. But Wood Elves were not part of Norse mythology.  They have evolved

It’s Just A Job – High Elves

It's Just A Job - High Elves This is a continuation of the It's just a Job series, that has survived the loss of the blog, transition to the newsletter, newsletter/blog hybrid and back to this blog again. Some of the series can be found on my articles pages, including the most recent installment, Dark Elves,

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